Thursday, October 3, 2013

Curzon Park to become a educative hub for women during this dasara

Though Curzon park is not so popular like its counterpart Cubbon Park in Bangalore, will become the star crowd puller with special programmes being scheduled to be held this Dasara. The visitors will have an opportunity to enrich their knowledge about varieties of horticulture crops. Specially for women the venue will turn out to be an education and information center.

Officials of Horticulture Department have planned to educate general public about conservation of wild-life and forest, soil erosion and various other issues related to environment in addition to the importance of bio-diversity. Apart from these plans have been made to host entertainment and educational programmes that create awareness among people about horticulture crops.

An exclusive 'nutrition food farm' will be set-up to inform women and children about the types of commonly used foods and vegetables and the nutritional value it contains. This would educate people on how to combat malnutrition by using appropriate fruits and vegetables in their daily cooking.

But the novel feature of this Dasara would be women will be created awareness about roof top gardening, terrace gardening, vertical gardening and even wall gardening. They will be taught how to grow vegetables, flowers, including ornamental flowers in small pots with simple procedures. By adopting these simple techniques at home women can not only enrich the beauty of the house but also grow vegetables for themselves whose prices are sky-rocketing these days say officials.

For first time Bonsai competition has been organised for women. Apart this a photo exhibition will be held on wild life and flower shows pictures snapped in curzon park. Other competitions include vegetable and fruit carving, Flower Rangoli competition, Ikabena competition; Indian flower show competition, Photography competition, and much more.

Another interesting feature of the flower show is introduction of exotic vegetables from the West such as Hybrid Petunia of Holland, vegetables from European countries like european cucumber, Kale, prokale, bressleaf, spinach, amongst other varieties of vegetables. The plants nurtured in nursery will be exhibited and information will be provided on how to grow these plants to the curious visitors.

The park is all set for flower show, and the officials have planted varieties of colourful flowers and vegetable plants. This time more information will be given on Horticulture.

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