Friday, October 25, 2013

Tremendous response for power consumption LEDs

The sale of LED serial sets has registered a drastic jump during this year's Dasara festivities. Majority of the shop owners, houses have adorned their vicinities using variety of colourful LEDs serial sets which are in pleasing colours of green, blue, white, purple, orange and other multi-colour serial sets.

The tremendous response is due to the illumination of city during dasars festivities using LEDs. Thanks for the initiative of Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply who replaced incandescent bulbs with eco-friendly LED lights which cosumes less power and also generates less heat.

Kumara, who takes contract of illuminating for ceremonies, said he has illuminated about 12 shops, hotels and 18 houses in Rajeev Nagar, NR Mohalla belt using LEDs. “Majority of the people are asking for LED lights. There is good demand for both single colour as well as multi colour LED serial sets.”

Amit Sait, who sales China made items at KT Street said he has sold good number of serial sets this year. These sets also last longer and are easy to mount anywhere by just sticking them with a cello pone tape.”
Fathima Begum, resident of NR Mohalla said: “After witnessing the illumination in heart of the city, I took initiative to decorate my house using same colour LED. The bulbs are not only attractive, whereas eye catching and have learnt that consumes less power.”

Raju, a shop owner said: “The Chinese made serial sets are easily available and quite affordable. I have purchased the serial lights which comes in various shapes and colours to decorate shop in festival occasions.”

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