Thursday, October 3, 2013

High demand for chats with less calories

Dasara is the time for street side vendors to expect a roaring business. To attract more number of people they keep introducing new dishes to their menus by experimenting various combinations. The Chatwallahs of 'Thindi Beedhi' and Town Hall have adopted simple techniques to give added taste to the chats they prepare on the spot and keep customers asking for more.

Keeping the diet conscious people in mind, chatwallahs have introduced wide variety of low calorie chats. The chats will not only be a delight to the tongue, but also healthy too. They say the chats are not only most sought by localities, but even a large number of tourists visiting from abroad prefer raw vegetables and fruits, apart from items fried using oil or made of rice.

One Raju Mohan, who has been regularly selling assorted varieties of Churmuri in front of Town Hall, experiments with different types of scraped vegetables like carrot, cucumber, baby-corn, tomato, capsicum, onion etc and makes churumuri that are much sought after by many localites as they are not only nutritious but less in calories and tastes good.

Even other vegetables like beetroot, knol knol and sometimes pomegranate are used in the preparation along with nicely chopped coriander leaves to which is added pepper, salt, lemon and tamarind extract to prepare the mixture.

Majority of the girls who visit these churmuri stalls order vegetable salads or raw vegetable churumuri, which are easily digested, contain no fat and good for health. The foreigners who come here exclusively order only vegetable mixture and relish the taste,” says Raju.

The vegetables being easily available round the year are quite tasty and easy to digest. Since they are cut and served fresh they are hygiene too, claims chatwallahs.

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