Friday, March 11, 2016

'Ban smoking in hospital premises'

Though there is a ban on smoking in public places, it is not being enforced strictly. Specially smoking inside hospitals premises has become cause of concern. If one visits the premises of KR Hospital, can see butts of cigarettes and beddis strewn around in the hospital garden and backyard.

Hundreds of patients from all walks of life visit KR Hospital daily, and quite a large number of men can be seen hanging around smoking in hospital premises. This will lead to ill-health affect on pregnant women, senior citizens and also children who visit hospital.

Unmindful of health hazards and the nuisance they are causing inconvenience to others. Specially, pregnant women undergoing treatment at Cheluvamba Hospital and children at Child Hospital are more vulnerable.

Speaking to Express, most of the patients complained about the smell of rolls of tobacco and smoke wafting into the wards from outside, expressing their helplessness. They said: Staff should take appropriate measures to ban smoking in hospital premises and adequate measures should be taken to educate visitors, especially villagers who come to see their dear and near ones in the hospital.

A senior Citizen named Vanajamma says: “Steps should be taken to educate villagers about ill effects of smoking. Warning boards should be put-up cautioning people not to smoke inside the hospital premises. Penalties should be imposed on the spot against the violators. This will discourage others who intend to smoke. Police department officials and health officers should take measures to educate the smokers and completely ban smoking in hospital premises.”

Zammena Banu resident of Haleem Nagar said: “It has become common smoking in the hospital premises. But, with concern over health aspects, the officials should strictly ban smoking inside the hospital premises.”

A visitor to hospital Renuka said: “With most of them addicted to smoking, they can't control the habit. Its difficult to be long time without smoking. Thus, designated smoking area should be provided. Have also seen some staff smoking hiding backside of the hospital,” said Renuka,
Dean and Director of Cheluvamba Hospital, Dr Krishhna Murthy who admitted smoking is at higher extent in hospital premises, expressed helpless, stating its hard to tell people. Police Commissioner MA Saleem said he will look into the issue.

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