Friday, March 11, 2016

Festival of harvest bring cheers on farmers face

Festival of harvesting Makara Sankranthi has brought cheers on farmers face with prices of sugarcane and banana has gone up.

Banana growers who had destroyed their standing crop and were worried over the steep fall in its price were found selling the Yelakki banana for Rs 30 to Rs 60, depending on the size. Just a month ago, the banana price had crash to Rs 5 kg, and a week ago it was around Rs 15 to Rs 20.

Farmer Channappa from Nanjangud says: 'We had no business from last two month. The festival has brought smile back on our face. Am selling the fruits for Rs 40, which was sold for Rs 15 two days ago. With fall in price we were worried lot.'

Sugarcane Grower Thamaiah from Srirangapatna, who is selling Black Cane fully matured for Rs 50-60 and has earned nearly Rs 5,000 since noon said: 'Atleast in the name of festival we are able to see some money. With fall in price of sugarcane even today farmers are committing suicide and government has turned blind eye.'
Festival rush at market, Rly Station, bus stand

As the festival has fallen in weekend most of them are heading towards Mysuru, while some are leaving city to reach their natives, to celebrate the festival with family and friends.

On Wednesday, a good number of passengers were seen waiting for the buses in city bus stand to reach their destinations. KSRTC (Urban) officer Maqsood Ahmed said that in peak time there will be rush, whereas they will manage with the existing bus services.

KSRTC Rural staff say that the passengers heading from Bengaluru to Mysuru has increased and special buses have been introduced to avoid the rush.

Auto driver Tiranth said: 'Usually there will be good demand for autos during festival season. There is increase in passengers coming to Mysuru and we have already done several trips from City Railway Station, Suburban Bus Stand to various localities. This apart, most of the housewife after shopping opt for autos, than buses and this will benefit us to higher extent.'
Even huge rush was witnessed in market as people throng to purchase essential items to celebrate Makara Sankranti. Sugarcane, sugar candy, mixture of yellu-bella, raw ground nuts, hyacinth beans, flowers were sold like hot cake.

Worshiping cows, bonfire, preparing pongals, offering puja on harvesting, distribution of mixture of yellu-bella are tradition followed on the day. Housewife Shaila says: The festival time will be get together for the family members to share the joy. A mixture of sesame seeds, jaggery, groundnuts, dry coconut will be distributed.
'On the day of Makara Sankrathi (Uttarayana) the sun starts moving and the day is very auspicious according to the Hindu Calendar. Cattles will be decorated beautifully and will be made to run on bonfire,' says Sommaiah, senior citizen.

Price Tag

Black matured sugarcane stalks – Rs 50-60
Ordinary sugarcane stalks – Rs 20-40
Mixture of yellu-bella – Rs 80-100
Yelaki Banana - Rs 30 to Rs 60
Sugar candy (designs) – Rs 120
Square candy – Rs 100
Sevathi flower – Rs 50-60
Kakada flower – Rs 20-30 

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