Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wear this jacket to control body temperature

Here comes the good news for the those work in high temperature environments and people living in different regions face frequent heat waves in summer. National Institute of Occupational Health (ICMR) has designed a 'Personal Cooling Garment for Use in Hot Environment' to protect the workers from heat related injuries.

According to scientists the workers who work in high temperature are more prone to fatigue and heat strain, resulting in the development of heat related injures and illness as they work in high temperature.

The jacket specially designed with ice filled pockets will protect the person from extreme heats and maintain his body temperature at normal levels. Workers routinely exposure to extreme hot temperature conditions can make use of the jacket.

The PCG is easy to use and maintain, lightweight and provides 13 degree Celsius cooler than the ambient temperature and comfort. It over all weighs less than 3 kg and the silicone tubing system can be fitted to any garment (half shirt, hacket vest).

The PCG has been exhibited at the 103rdScience Exhibition. The product may be regularly used by workers of iron and stell fondries, construction, agricultrue, military personnel, mining sites, chemcial plants, brick firing, ceramic plants, textile industry, power plants, glass product industry, boiler rooms, bakeris and steam tunnels, etc.

Dr SP Ashtekar of ICMR said that the assistive micro-climate cooling system provides and maintains comfortable microclimate, skin and body core temperatures. Ice-Chilled coolant is circulated through interwoven silicon tubing of cotton fabric vest with the help of lithium-ion rechargeable battery through small motor pump. This apart, the advancement technologies to eradicate various health issues were displayed under the roof of Indian Council of Medical Research.

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