Sunday, March 27, 2016

This senior citizens converts thrash into artistic treasures

This senior citizen has found a novel way of reusing waste materials by turning them into beautiful art works. Making use of the discarded caps of bottled soft drinks and water bottles, empty chocolate boxes, rice grains, seeds of fruits, old calendars, coconut shells and such other items usually thrown away in the dustbin, he has created several art works.

58-year-old Surendra, a native of Bannur, settled in Aravinda Nagar, Mysuru is the creative artiste. He has created about 16 art works over the past 15 years, making use of the discarded materials. These artworks carry a special attraction of their own which is quite different from the conventional ones which we get to see very often.

Though Surendar not an artiste by profession nor had any formal training in this field, it was his sheer passion towards art that made him to create things which others couldn't dream of. Being a photographer, he happened to visit an art expo, where he saw Rama, Sita and Lakshmana carved on a single grain of rice. Fascinated by this, he decided to try out on his own art works that he could create using the thrown away trash.
Recently he created Lord Shivalinga using 5000 discarded caps pf soft drink bottles. He has exhibited his work at Dasara Exhibition, and receiving good response. Using Orange and Silver coloured caps he has created snakes and garlands which looks stunningly real. He has took two years to complete the work and hascollected the discarded caps from a bakery.

He has also created another Shivalinga using just the black seeds of Sapota fruit, while Actor Ambarish has come alive using Beans seed and Rice. He has designed Mantapa using 101 coconut shells and also Gods and Godesses such as Annapoorneshwari; Raghavendra. While, Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar using Rice; Kamadhenu using Milk Covers; PM Narendra Modi sharing dias with American President Barack Obama with used calendars, and several others.
At present he is working on the picture of late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and has already made use of 30,300 rice grains which he hopes to complete by next year. He is using 30,300 rice to represent the number of days Kalam lived. He has wom more than 40 prizes.

Speaking to Express, he said: 'I was not sure that I to could create things out of waste. Over the past decade lot of things changed in my life. I thank my wife Bhagya who helps me in completing my works. Am curious and eager to create many more art works using several other waste materials.'

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