Sunday, March 27, 2016

MCC asks commercial establishments to set up waste compost plant

MCC's plans to make waste management units mandatory for massive generators like apartments, hotels, choultries etc is most likely to meet with stiff opposition from the stake holders.

Businessman feel that the corporation which is riding high on clean city tag is imposing some solutions which is 'too expensive' for them to bear. Most of the mid size commercial establishments are thinking twice to set up the unite which costs around Rs 6 lakh. They say thought the initiative is good, its quite expensive to set up the Units.

Hotel owners association President Narayan Gowda said that the unit is quite expensive and is not affordable by everyone. Instead we have requested Corporation to give us two acres of land, where we treat the
waste generated by hotels, bar and restaurants at a common place. We tie up with private partners and look after the waste generated by us. It will be a burden if every individual have to set up the unit.

On an average daily 402 tonnes of garbage is generated in the city, of which 320 tonnes is wet waste, of which around 120 tonnes of wet waste is generated by the commercial establishments, such as hotels, bars and restaurants, apartments, parks, including the roads sweeping.
In order to reduce the wet waste processing in solid waste management units, officials have begun urging big hotels, apartments, and other commercial establishments to set up a small waste compost plant inside their premises. Already officials have approached hotel associations, CREDAI, Builders Association of India, Choultry owners to set up small solid waste management units.

Corporation Commissioner Dr CG Betsurmath said that for big hotels, apartments it will not be a burden, and by treating wet waste at source
the beautiful city Mysore will achieve 100 per cent efficiency in waste treatment.

He added: 'The plant needs just enough space as needed to park a car.
By deploying technologies waste will be converted into compost in just 24 hours without leaving any residue. Upcoming multi-storey complexes units will not be given permission if no space is provided for car parking and sewage Treatment Plant along with Rainwater Harvesting and also harnessing of power from solar energy.'

MCC Health Officer Dr Ramachandra said that individual households will also be encouraged to treat the waste at source, alongside educating people about how to segregate waste at source, and treat the wet waste while the manure generated can be used for gardening.

There are 181 apartments in city. Each apartment houses around 30 to 100 residential flats, and they are treated as bulk generators of waste. As per calculations, it is learnt that every house hold generates around 350 grams of wet waste every day, he added.

Line up

There are nearly 20,000 Commercial Establishments in city.
* From 181 apartments the estimated wet waste generated is about 8 tonne.
* Hotels, Bars and Restaurants – 176 (8 tonne waste).
* Choultries and function hall - 124 (6 tonnes)
* Parks – 385 (waste generated is 19 tonne)
* Markets (Agrahar, D Devaraj Urs, RMC) – 12 tonne
* Road sweeping activity – 17 tonne waste generated.


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