Sunday, March 27, 2016

'Ethane is clean fuel and doesn’t cause any harm to nature'

IIT Assistant Professor Dr P Hariprasad delivering talk on major role in improving existing technology, said that United State, Brazil are using Bioethanol and plans are there to blend 5 per cent of Bioethanol in India by 2017.

“Bioethanol, a renewable fuel is very clean fuel and doesn’t cause any harm to nature. It is becoming increasingly important as a consequence of major convert for depleting oil reserves, rising crude oil prices and green house effect,” he said.

'USA, Brazil countries are producing ethane by using sugarcane, wheat, corn, maize, rice. They have modified vehicle engine and are using the produced ethane directly. This will be implemented in country in coming years,' he added.

'Even harvesting the plants grown in lakes ethane can be produced. This is sustainable technology and we can protect the lakes, environment by cleaning the lakes,' he said.
Green Algae
“Green Algae as high photosynthetic efficiency and are rich in oil content (more than 50 per cent). It is one of the fastest growing plants and cultivation is easy. We have to use this efficiently for produce of ethane,” he said.
“First generation biofuel; technologies are practiced from last 40 years world wide. Both the technologies criticised by environmentalists because of requirement of agriculture land to grow these plants and the consequent shortage of food and land for food production. Thus, poor and rich countries are looking towards second generation bio ethical process and research in this regard are ahead in foreign countries, compare to India,” he added.

Stating Methane is also responsible for global warming, he said through genetic engineering single celled plants can be grown in future and can be harvested in 24 hours to produce ethanol.

Lack of awareness
Speaking on the occasion, CSRTI Scientist Dr T Thippeswamy said Environment is one of the seven biggest problems in the country.

Stating discussion are held to maintain the temperature of the earth in two degree, he said compare to other countries, awareness on environment in our country is less.

Stating its because of the industrial revolution there is increase in global temperature, he said developed countries are more responsible for environment pollution. There is no serious concern to protect environment. Unless the government implements the law effectively, its difficult to to protect the environment, he added.

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