Sunday, March 27, 2016

This curve is known as a 'deadly trap' on Mysuru-Bengaluru highway

This curve notoriously known as a 'deadly trap' on Mysuru-Bengaluru highway is located at K Shetthalli village cross. Over the last 40 days more than 13 people have lost their lives on this spot and nearly 25 people have sustained serious injuries along the curve near K Shettihalli, which connects Mysuru Road.

The very mention of this curve creates fear among residents of Mandya. As per the police records, on an average 15 to 20 accidents are being reported from this place every month.

Daily thousands of vehicle commutes on this stretch. The drivers of speeding vehicles lose control when they suddenly apply brakes to avoid colliding with the dividers which are placed at this blind spot near the curve. There are no signboards to caution the unaware drivers like 'Accident Zone Go Slow'.
According to villagers, the accidents started happening only after a road hump in this place was removed and dividers were placed. Since February more than 12 people have lost the lives due to head on collision with the dividers.

Linganayaka, a resident of K Shettihalli said: 'The number of deaths and injured people are increasing. Though we have requested several times to address the issue, cops have turned a blind eye and are not taking appropriate steps to put an end to this.'

'The Police come whenever an accident is reported and then go away. But no action is being taken. Its time the dividers are removed and speed breakers put up as earlier. This apart no steps are being taken to fill the pothole on this stretch, which is also contributing to the accident,' added another villager Thamayya. While, the sources in the Police Department said that the decisions have to be taken by National Highway Authority.

Srirangapatna Circle Inspector MK Deepak acknowledged that there is indeed a sharp curve and speeding vehicles lose control and meet with accident. 'A letter has been written to National Highways Engineer to conduct a spot inspection and take preventive measures to put an end to the accidents. The other alternative is to widen the road to reduce the sharp curvature or put up speed breakers which again has to be decided by National Highway Authorities.'

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