Sunday, March 27, 2016

'e-water harmoniser to restore ecological balance of Kukkarhalli lake'

Here is some good news for the daily walkers of Kukkarahalli Lake. If everything goes as per the cleansing plan in the next couple of months the foul smell being eliminated by the lake due to discharge of the effluents from the UGD, will come down.

A pilot project for revitalising and restoring ecological balance of Kukkarhalli lake using e-water harmoniser is being implemented by the University of Mysore, in association with Kalpavruksha Amruth Solutions.

The technology which has been successfully adopted and implemented in the developed countries has been adopted. E-water harmoniser (EWH)' is said to reduce not only the bad odour being emitted from the lake but also clean the water in the area to higher extent.

The recycling unit is immersed in the lake body which purifies the surrounding areas extensively and thereby the odour emitted by lake will come down.

The lake water will be recirculated round the clock through these customised EWH units placed at 5 different locations. This will reduce the smell and algae formation by upto 60 per cent. The purification process of the area takes around 21 days.

The cost of each EWH is approximately Rs.1.2 lac, and initially, Kalavruksha will provide one unit of EWH on a trial basis which will be setup at the lake near the Paduvarahlli Junction. The unit will become operational from Monday.

A team of three technical experts will monitor and guide during the test implementation of this project to ensure smooth induction of EWH, and also study its effectiveness by analyzing the pre and post data collected from the lake.

Kukkarahalli Lake Protection Committee convenor KM Jayaramaiah was hopeful that EWH will help solve the problems faced in the maintenance of Kukkarahalli Lake. He said, based on the results obtained from the pilot project more units will be placed in lake to cleanse the entire lake.

Speaking to Express, Ajit Kumar, Founder Director of Kalpavruksha solutions who has taken up the initiative, said that lake is dying rapidly and an in-depth study has been done by a team.

'We have conducted several tests in different water conditions spread over several years and have observed that the water treated with EWH contains more dissolved oxygen with reduced BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and other positive changes, especially when treating the Contaminated / Toxic / STP / ETP Water.'

How it EWH works

E-water Harmoniser is a well proven global technology wherein the treated water is enriched with beneficial minerals. At the same time, excess suspended solids, including contaminants and sediments are dynamically isolated and removed. Structuring gives water a lower surface tension and better hydrating properties.
As water passes through the e-water Harmoniser comprising of spheres it also facilitates throwing off or cleansing of bad affluents present in the water. ANother feature is the dissolved chlorine loses it toxic nature while retaining just its sanitizing attributes. 

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