Sunday, March 27, 2016

'Food security would be the biggest challenge in country by 2035'

Dr K Narayana Gowda, former Vice Chancellor of University of Agricultural Sciences said that food security will be the biggest challenge in country by 2035, if the farming community is not strengthened.

He was speaking after the inauguration of two-day national seminar on ‘Sustainability in Agriculture: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies Ahead’.

“Agriculture sector is declining today. The GDP in agriculture is falling down. Many of them living farming and migrating to the urban areas. If the interest of farmers in not protected we will be facing biggest challenged of food security. Its estimated that 150 crores of population has to be fed by 2050. Its possible to feed 175 crores if planned accordingly. There is need to ensure food security for growing population,” he added.

Though the produce has increased five fold in the last seven decades, the condition of farmers is not so good. With decline in profit, and not getting proper value for the produce most of them are leaving farming sector, he regretted.

Further asking farmers to get organised and establish farmers based association, he gave a call to make India stronger country in terms of economically and socially. He asked to adopt integrated farming system and step towards sustainable agricultural growth and obtain profit.

Stating most of the villages in country have turned old age homes and the youngsters are migrating towards urban areas, he said: 'We are forefront in several things compared to other countries and we should make use of wind energy solar energy, water resources, rich soil effectively and try to harness the best. India can become richest country and self sufficient only by by producing sufficient food, as we can save huge amount from importing food.'

He further called upon students to engage in farming activity stating Agriculture stands always competent to IT/BT sectors, and by devoting in agriculture sector one can get good profit.

Speaking on the occasion, Padmabhushan Dr M Mahadevappa gave a call for governments to give importance for farming sector. He asked farmers to adopt latest technologies, adding there is wrong conception among farmers about genetically modified crops.

“China is producing 500 million tonnes of food grains, while India produces 263 millions in the same area of land. We have not even adopted 10 per cent of science and technology,” he said.

He further stressed for the need of Nutrition Food security, integrated farming, Organic farming, value addition for the produce. to bring Agriculture University, Horticulture, and other departments related to farming under one single window system, and to set up cultural agriculture university and special agri zone.

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