Sunday, March 27, 2016

Plans to introduce a subject on 'Rabies' in school text books

APCRI President Dr Abdul Rahman said that discussions are being held with the concerned authorities in the education department of the Central Government, to introduce a subject on the effective prevention against dog bites infected with Rabies in school text books, across the country.

Dr Abdul Rahman who was in city on Friday, speaking to Express, said that in order to create awareness amongst school children about dog bites, introduce of the subject in the curriculum will go a long way.

“Most school children do not speak to elders when they are bitten by a dog due to ignorance. Thus, to educate children about the simple steps to be followed when bitten by a dog is the need of the hour. With incidents of stray dogs biting children are reported frequently, the new subject will explain the do's and dont's for children,” he added.

The curriculum includes asking children not to tease a dog, nor to chase it and be cautious while playing with dogs, steps to be followed if bitten accidentally. The first step is to wash the wound with running tap water immediately after a dog bite and then inform either the teachers or parents, and several other basic information will be published in the chapter under the headline 'Rabies'. Cartoons which depict child bit by dog, wash the wound, will be published to drew attention of children, he informed.

'We had discussed over the plan with former Primary and secondary education minister Kimmane Ratnakar. He response was Positive. Now will approach new government shortly and hold talk with present Minister.' Continuing he said they had sent a proposal to the government across country, of which Orissa government is positive.

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