Sunday, March 27, 2016

Celebrations has gripped in this Village after six decades

It is after a long gap of six decades, the villagers of Haradanahalli in Chamarajanagar are in jubilant mode, as they are celebrating Car festival of Lord Divya Lingeshwaraswamy.

The temple built by Cholas is a historical temple in the region. With damage caused to chariot in 1955, and with lack of funds to repair it, the car festival has not held all these years.

When the efforts of villagers seeking funds from government for construction of Chariot turned futile, they decided to raise funds on their own. They set up Kamakamakshamma and Divya Lingeshwaraswamy Chariot Construction Committee and raised fund of Rs 30 lakh in the last four years.

The devotees from Tamil Nadu have also generously contributed for the construction of the Chariot. Now, the villagers dream has come to reality with the Chariot construction has completed and the car festival to be held on March 29. The 35 feet chariot has been built by Achar Mudduveerachar a native of Yelandur Taluk.

Villager Sundramma says: 'Festival atmosphere has gripped in the village. There will be a week long celebrations starting from March 26 to April 1, while the car festival will be held on March 29. Am living in this village from last five decades, and had only heard about the festival, and am happy this year we are celebrating.'
'Yeddyurru Siddalingaswamy has born in this Village. This is a historical temple in the region. With the chariot works are finished, there is a sense of satisfaction among us and our long wait has come to end. Meantime, we feel sad our pleas were not heard by the government,' adds Thayavva.

Committee President Shivaram said: 'There is no words to express our happiness. Women folk are engaged in declaring houses,and are planning to place big rangolis and prepare special dishes. Its sad that Mizrai Department did not took any initiative to repair the chariot even we requested repeatedly.'

Village head Mallikarjunaswamy expressing happiness said: “When I was five year old had witnessed the festival. Am eagerly waiting to witness the car festival nearly after 60 years. Even my grand children are eagerly waiting to celebrate this historical car festival.”

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