Sunday, March 27, 2016

Her 15 years dream came true !

Sky was the limit for her joy, when her 15 years dream came true on Wednesday.
40-year-old Veena, the first women auto driver in city, was intending to own a autorickshaw for last several years. Finally, her dream was fulfilled by members of Lions Club of Mysore Heritage City.

After having a look at the brand new autorickshaw, Veena found overwhelmed, experiencing joy, emotional together. She became speechless for a while, and thanked the club member for gifting an three-wheeler.

Going down the memory lane, Veena, a resident of OLD RMC C Block shared her experience thus:

“I was deserted by my husband 15 years ago. With two children in hand, I was completely on dark side of my future. I came to my mother house seeking shelter accompanied with two children.”

“My mother Lakshmamma, a road side food vendor is my inspiration. She showed me the way to lead life. She encouraged me to learn auto and take it as profession. Today, I feel myself to be proud for having credit of first women auto driver of Mysore.”

“In initial days, I was very much scared, nervous to go ahead with the male dominated society. I was facing fear to drive. Whereas, today I have gain confidence and have learnt how to deal with society,” she added. Lakshmamma thanked the Club members for donating Rs 1.60 lakh autorickshaw.

The Club members had promised her of donating an autorickshaw, after felicitating her in Women's Day recently. In the event, she had expressed desire of owning a auto, as it was hard to manage family with the earned money by driving a rented auto.

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