Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A miracle in this scientific era !


In this era of science and technology, most of us would have said this is blind belief. But not the residents of Narasamangala a village near Chamarajanagar. 

Madappa Swamiji, a resident Narasamangala Village, Chamarajanagar had passed away four years ago, ailing from a skin ailment, Leukoderma, which had resulted in white patches all over his body. 

73-year-old Madappa was 'Kanthe Bikshu' (a person who begs in village and cooks food from it and offers for god) at Devanur Mutt, Nanjangud. He passed away in 2010 and was burried by villagers at his native Narasamangala.

The villagers even today strongly believe that if any person afflicted with Leukoderma (Thonnu Roga) dies, he should be cremated but not buried, or else bad things await them. Coincidentally, the village has not witnessed rain from last four years. 

As the rains did not come, the villagers decided to exhume his body and cremate. Thus, they did on Friday and very sooner when his body was consigned to flames the village has witnessed rain !    

Villagers say: “Over the past four years we have not received any rains. That is when we decided to cremate his body. No sooner we cremated the remains, the rain has showered on these village. Our faith turned true.”

Some of villagers said that they have faced lot of problems without witnessing rain from over last four years and few months ago thinking about where they have committed mistake this thing striked to their minds. 

Deputy Commissioner Kunjappa was not available over phone to comment.

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