Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Borewell contractors mint money in drought

With sun scorching and taps running dry in the summer, the demand for digging borewells has tremendously increased in city. Several borewell contractors in the city own around 5 to 6 vehicles and are engaged round the clock digging of borewells earning good money during the drought.

They receive dozens of enquiries over phone everyday asking about costs incurred. According to sources in an average of 5-6 borewells are dug every day in the city and nearby villages from these drillers.

They charge Rs 75 for drilling one feet of bore if the vehicle is bought to the the spot, else the rates differ depending on the distance from where the vehicle is parked and the place of bore. The total approximate cost for digging a bore in the city ranges from Rs 25,000 to Rs 45,000 depending on depth.

Irregular supply of water has caused lot of hardship. Specially during summer our problems were unimaginable. After we placed bourwell water problem has solved for some extent,” said Archana, resident of TK Layout.

Meenakshi who had drilled borewell recently said: “We got the number in yellow pages and contacted the borwell drillers, then indeed came and setup the bore of us.”
Vignesh, who takes agency of digging borewell said that: “The response in summer has gone up and they are having good business.”

Mines and Geology Department GeophysicistsChowdry said the department is getting applications from farmers, government department, whereas not from residents. 

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