Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Environmentalists to increase green canopy atop Chamundi Hill

To increase the green cover of the Chamundi Hill and also to provide shade for the 
climbers of the hill from the heat of the blazing sun, an NGO ';Seva'; to plant 
saplings on either side of the footsteps.

Nearly 400 odd volunteers will join together this Sunday (May 31st) to plant 1008 
saplings of different varieties of trees on either sides of the 1008 steps leading
to the top of the hill.

Saplings of trees chosen to grow on either sides of footsteps are those which bear 
either fruits or flowers, along with those that grows wide branches offering 
shade. Peepal tree, Calotropis gigantea (Ekka), Millettia pinnata (Honge); Neem 
Tree, Indian Cork Tree (Akash Mallige), Amla tree (Nellikai), Nerale Tree (Jamun 
fruit tree) and other sacred tress will be planted.
';As monsoons is expected to last for 3 months, there is no need to water these
plants. But with the onset of Summer they are thinking of sending water bottles 
with the regular climbers asking them to pour water on these saplings,'; says the 
volunteers who are very confident of nurturing the saplings till they become 

';When they become full grown trees, they will bear fruits and flowers which will 
be consumed by birds and other small creatures like squirrel etc, in addition to 
the trees providing a natural shade for the climbers from sun and shelter from 
rain. We feel happy for our contribution for environment conservation,'; they 

NGO Founder NB Aradhya, brainchild behind the project, talking to Express said 
that ';when the proposal to provide a overhead canopy running along the entire 
length of steps was shelved, this tree planting idea got into my mind. Chamundi
Hills which attracts lacks of visitors every year need to have a good green 
';Regular climbers of the hills, environmentalists and devotees of Goddess 
Chamundi who frequent the temple by climbing steps will be involved in the 
project. Based on the feedback received from them, we plan to launch a similar
programme that covers the whole of Chamundi Hill,'; he added.

';It is estimated that it will cost Rs 20 to dig a pit and plant the sapling. RFO 
Sathish of the Forest Department Mysore Division and DFO Kari Kalan also of Mysore 
Division have agreed to provide all the saplings required free of cost. We are 
confident of mobilizing more number of people for this movement, all with the 
intention to save our Chamundi Hills, with the Government';s involvement,'; he 
Citizen Venkatesh said: ';Its good move good number of volunteers are coming
forward to enhance the beauty of Chamundi Hill by cleaning plastic, garbage and 
planting trees. The green cover will also reduce the fatigue of the steps 
climbers. Every citizens should contribute for the development and clean 
maintenance of the Hill.'; 

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