Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Now check inbox for timings on water supply

The citizen will soon receive an SMS alert about at what time water will come in their tap. Even they get to know in advance whenever there is a disruption in the water supply, or any other problem in receiving the water.

Mysore city Corporation has entrusted 'NextDrop Smart Water Systems Private Limited' on pilot basis, to handle with the timely announcements of water supply. As most residents were always uncertain about the exact timings of water supply, they had to face severe hardships. This initiative will put an end for such confusions. Henceforth, people can save time and need not wait for water leaving behind all their other work.

Nextdrop works as a channel between valvemen and residents. The residents have to register with the Nextdrop and the user will get timely information about the resumption and stoppage of water supply, disruption of the water supply due to any problems, and related details.

An Smart Phone is given to 100 valvemen. Using the app 'valvekey', the valveman can complaint the problems they encounter. For example 'Am opening this particular valve, problem in opening valve, am not able to open the valve, water supply problem, and much more'. Selecting the conditions, the valveman has to send the information to the center. Within no time the message will be dispatched to the registered residents of the particular area who are affected with water supply and the concerned officers.

The app will also be used to inform residents in advance as to when the water supply valves will be opened in the area. One hour before the resumption of water supply an SMS message is aired.

This apart, a dash board has been configured. Engineers get to see a map with different colour coded area. If the area is colour coded blue they have received water, red not received water, Its an real time map and the officials can monitor water supply through the dash board.
Bindu Susheel, Utilities Business Head, India, Nextdrop said that: 'Mapping of entire Mysore city has been done and 150 valvemen have been trained on how to provide the information. The pilot project comes to an end in August, and before that VVWS has to enter into an agreement and the services will be continued,' she added.

An officer of Vani Vilas Water Works said that the initiative will help to maintain a log as to how many areas went without water supply on the day. It also helps the residents to store water in advance and even officers to attend the complaints at the earliest.

The residents have to give missed call for 77955 90931. Immediately Nextdrop team will call back and collect details. 700 people have registered already and the time of water supply will be sent them through message. Next month campaign will be done in city. The service is for free for the citizens

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