Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This septuagenarian gives life for hundreds of poor girls, widows

It is said marriages are made in heaven, but the real fact is they need someone here on earth to bring the bride and the groom together. Meet,
this 70-year-old C Sathyanarayan Setty who has given life for hundreds of poor girls, by matching them a right partner and has even arranged alliances for widows, widowers and divorcees about 25 of them in all.

He has arranged more than 1200 alliances without taking a single rupee from last four decades, purely for humanitarian reasons and for a social cause. Seeking financial help from well wishers, donors he has bear the marriage expenses of about 7-8 poor girls.

He always encourages simple marriages and any expectations of giving or taking dowry is not encouraged as most of the brides whom he has arranged marriages hail from poor families.

Another interesting thing of Sathyanaryana is he gives Ayurveda medicines for several diseases. Specially for jaundice, kidney failure, piles, infertility and much more. Among 20 infertility couple he has addressed, 15 couple have obtained positive result. All this done in a free of cost.

Though he is working as a service engineer in a local electronics shop, he takes time off only during weekends to visit the prospective groom's or the bride's place. He gets call from Bidar, Hubli, Karwar, and several other districts. Considering his service he has been awarded with title 'Arya Vaishya Sahasra Kalyana Peetamaha' by Arya Vaishya Maruthi Seva Trust, Badravathi.
Hailing from poor family of Arya Vysya community, he says he couldn't forget the pain he underwent 40 years ago when he was searching for a girl to get married. He says: “After realising how difficult its to search for a life partner, I decided to do something for the scores of girls and boys who could not get married following several problems.”

Prema who had come from Badravathi said she knew Sathyanarayan from last 12 years. “Its because of him, I got married. Bearing marriage expenses he tied my knot 12 years ago. Now, again have come to take Ayurveda treatment following infertility.”

Sharat resident of Mysore said: “Just last week he has meet Sathyanarayan and he is very endeared towards Sathyanarayan's straightforwardness, frankness. He arranges for the interviews after meeting the boy and girl personally and ascertaining their background.”

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