Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mane Mane Gallery to promote unheard artists

Mane Mane Gallery a new initiative of Dasara Fine Arts Committee to promote unheard artists has not only received huge appreciation from all quarters, while has provided an opportunity for a quite good number of artist who had never exhibited their works in any galleries.

Under this theme, 22 artists in the city have displayed their creative works right in their homes. The Dasara sub-committee has erected a banner right in front of the artist's house, advertising the passersby to visit the gallery in their home and have a look at their works. This initiative by Fine Arts Committee has given a new ray of hope among several artists.

While, some have displayed on their rooftops others have set aside a separate room in their house to exhibit their works. The displayed art works is attracting the art lovers in large. Most of the households are having a visitors of about 40 to 70 per day.

While most artists have chosen the traditional Tanjore and Mysore style paintings there are artists who have displayed modern works, contemporary art works and paintings using acrylic, pencil sketch, theme based paintings, water colour, and other wide variety forms of paintings all drawn in their drawing houses.

Displaying our art works in a public gallery is not an easy task. Transportation, framing the paintings, rent for the gallery requires lot of money which we cannot afford. The concept has created a platform for us to display our works and has brought a ray of hope that we too can exhibit our works and even sell a few,' said artist Siddaramegowda.

Even our neighbours were not aware that we were artists. With the Mane Mane Gallery programme the surrounding residents are visiting house in good number and are appreciating our works. Some of them have even placed order. More than recognition, what else is needed for an artist,” says another artist Kumar.

Most artistes do not get any opportunity of exhibiting their works due to financial constraints and various other issues. This concept has really helped lot. If we get more support, a good development can be seen in the art field,' said another Artist Ananthamurhty.
For the first time, Dasara Fine Arts Committee has attempted to work with such a novel 'artist centric' programme being held in a very meaningful way. There is sense of satisfaction among us for considering us in the dasara celebrations. We want it to be continued further,” said Artist Kumar.

Committee President Artist Badal Nanjundaswamy, who is the brain child behind the concept says: “To promote unheard artists the programme has been introduced. Three artistes will be given away cash prize of Rs 5,000 to encourage. I wish the concept should continue in the years to come, bringing more number of hidden artists and their talent to public domain.”

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