Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Women commission chief to write against anti-women statements

Some of the one line quotes and punchlines printed boldly on the back of autos and other private vehicles, speak derogatorily about women. Most of the slogans tend to look down upon women, portraying her as the culprit responsible for unhappy marriages and all the sufferings of men.

Some of the sayings reads: Trust a wild life, but never trust women; Kalitha Nari Hadinentakke Parari (Educated women elopes for 18 years); Trusting a girl is end of life; Entry of girl in life, end for peaceful life; If you believe a woman, it's a sure way to burial ground; Girls trap men in love, marry and make their life miserable; much more can be seen.
The Karnataka State Women Commission to act strongly against such vehicles. Speaking to Express, Women Commission Chairperson Manjula Manasa said that she is writing letter to government in this regard.
Am recommending government to give directions for Regional Transport Offices to take action against vehicles which display sayings hurts the sentiments of women and humiliate. Display of such wordings should be considered as crime, and if women register complaint in this regard, the complaint should be registered.

Continuing she said: 'I have also noticed bad sentences written against women in public transport and private vehicle. In a couple of days, I will write letter to government and I make sure appropriate measures are being taken to remove such slogans.'
Sociologist Prof Indira said that “the women should start questioning where ever they come across statements directed against women.
Women activists play a major role in this. The concerned auto- drivers should be educated making them realise the darker side of the meanings they convey, and how it hurts the women.”

Sandhya, District Secretary, All India Mahila Samskruthika Sanghatane says: “Before airing such slogans in public one should be aware of the consequences, especially the negative image, they convey about women in particular. The District Administration and RTO should take stringent action against such vehicle owners.”

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