Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pension Adalat brought smile on hundreds of senior citizens

Septuagenarian Puttamma, resident of Vontikoppal who is suffering from knee pain had a reason to smile on Wednesday. Thanks for the initiative taken by elected representatives to ensure various government scheme reaches the masses, bringing smile on hundreds of beneficiaries.

Speaking to Express, Puttamma who had lost her husband a decade ago, said: “I was suffering from joint pains and it was not possible for me to get benefits of pension scheme all this years. Thanks for the efforts of some young boys, who came personally to my doorstep and made me beneficiary of the pension scheme. I will be getting Rs 500 per month and I can give the money to my daughters who is looking after me.”

Basamma who had come from metagalli said that though the money is not sufficient, she need not be fully dependent on her son. 'I can purchase rice in the depot (Anna Bhagya Scheme) from my money.'

One widow was very happy to note that because of this pension adalat she is able to get Rs 500 and can handover to money to family members.

This incidents are just the tip of the iceberg. Hundreds of beneficiaries who had thronged to Jaladarshini to get the order copies at 'Pension Adalat' were found happily walking out after receiving their beneficiaries copies.

Lots of oldage people, physically challenged destitute people, and widows were thronging to the venue to get the order copies of their various schemes and some had come to inquire about the schemes.

Most of the senior citizens are not entitled of government scheme. As the old people are not in a condition to wander from pillars to post of the government officers to get done the documents required to become beneficiaries of the schemes, they lag behind.

The another major reasons are there own family members are not helping them to get the pension, as they are busy in their works and think its a long process, as well as not easy.
District in-charge Minister V Srinivasa Prasad and MLA Vasu distributed order copies for 127 beneficiaries. Of which 83 are beneficiaries of Sandhya Suraksha Yojana, 45 beneficiaries of widow pension; six of Manaswini Scheme and Physically Challenged were 13 in number.

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