Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Exclusive organic outlets to promote organic farmers, women

Here comes the time to cheer for growers of organic fruits, vegetables and other farm produces. The Horticulture Department to provide an exclusive sales outlet for all organic growers in the district to sell their products.

It's not just the farmers who will be benefited by this move, but also several women engaged in 'kitchen gardening' and 'terrace gardening', growing vegetables in small quantities on their rooftops and backyards, can earn for their livelihood by selling them at the outlets.

To start with, three 'Raitha Santhe' (Farmers Yard) which has been developed by MUDA in Hebbal, Vijayanagar, and Aravinda Nagar areas, will be handed over to the Horticulture Department shortly. The three outlets will be selling only organic products, run by Jaivika Krushika Society, a State Government undertaking.

Not just vegetables and fruits, but even other food produces that are consumed daily such as milk, gee, millets, rice, pulses and such other items will be available at these outlets. The outlets will provide a direct link between consumers and farmers, observed the Horticulture officials.

The centers not only provide marketing facility for organic growers, but also provides all relevant information to farmers about organic cultivation, seed saving and related issues.

Plans are on the anvil to collect seeds which are at the verge of extinction and preserve them through Seed Bank for future generations. Exhibitions, seminar, seed mela will be conducted at frequent intervals, alongside holding interaction with farmers of neighbouring states to further expand knowledge of farmers.

Horticulture Assistant Director Krishna Kumar said a large number of farmers are slowly switching over to organic cultivation in district and they are being provided training by NGOs at Mysore Taluk, HD Kote, Hunsur Taluk. The certified farmers under Jaivika Krushika Society, can sell their produces in the outlets.

'The training will be held in three stages and apart from motivating them to completely switch over for organic produce, they will be taught about soil fertility, green manure crop, method to be adopted to obtain good yield and facilities offered by the government in this regard. Soon after the board meeting, MUDA will handover the buildings to our Department,' he added.

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