Wednesday, October 7, 2015

'Clean Ganga Campaign' by theater artistes

Keeping in tune with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Clean Ganga Campaign', a street play will be staged by 'Nele Hinnele' team members on January 18 at four different place in city.

The play 'Gangayanna', scripted by P Somashekhar and KR Gopalkrishna makes people understand what will happen if Ganga stops flowing.

The story is simple: Fed up with the humans polluting her, River Ganga decides to stop flow. The people who become panic, approach Lord Shiva from whose forehead Ganga flows.

Lord Shiva asks human beings to give word that they will not pollute Ganga. After people give oath, River Ganga starts flowing. Lord Shiva says, 'as long as you keep the Ganga clean, she will flow'.

Gopalkrishna said that about 18 members will stage this play on the day at different layouts, ending at Kindarajogi, Kalamandira premises.


Street plays hold the attention of on-lookers

The street plays staged by various theater troupes, as part of Bahuroopi National Theater Festival, has become the epicenter of attraction.

By appropriately choosing issues that are relevant to the present times, the artistes are putting every effort to create awareness amongst people, notably issues related to environment and wildlife protection, increasing instances of violence against women, trafficking of women, terrorism, dowry death, child marriage and several others.

The plays being short, last around 20 to 25 minutes, are being staged in schools, colleges, layouts and in front of the iconic Kindarajogi inside Kalamandira.

A street play 'Yaaru....???' of Ranga Samaja Team to be staged here on Saturday, highlights atrocities against women, child marriage, how women are treated in society and a peculiar case of women in Nagpur and Nepal where the same woman is married to more than two persons. The play raises the question who should (Yaaru) curb this.

Play 'Kondaavaru Yarru' of Ekathari Team staged here on Friday, highlights issues related to agriculture, problems faced by farmers, how the national's resources are being misused for man's greed, impact of globalisation, prevention of violence against women and to live peacefully in the world, without the divisions of casteism and religions.

Another play, 'Aaha Nana Maduveanthe' of Paraspara Team staged on Thursday, delivers the message not to treat women as trading commodities, but instead should be treated with love and care.

The play 'Vishwa Patha' of Janamana Team was based on the recent terror attacks in Peshwar and Bangalore. The play spreads the message of anti-terrorism and peace.

While the play 'Prakruthi Madilalli' of Rangahejje Team highlights how the scientific inventions of man and the latest technology have become a threat for all human beings, starting with rise in unemployment. It also spreads message about survival of future generation and conservation of forest, planting trees.

What artistes say....

Artiste Maya said: 'I feel proud to be part of theater troupe. Bringing awareness among people and touching their minds, souls gives sense of satisfaction. Large number of youngsters should come forward and engage in theater activities.' successful in covering all the major issues.

While another artiste Somu says: 'Streets plays reaches people soon. We are getting good response for plays and people appreciate the issues raised.'

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