Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Karanji Lake will host another butterfly park

Next time when you visit Karanji Nature Park, colourful winged jewels of mother nature, 'Butterflies' will welcome you. The lake which already has Butterfly Park inside an island in the lake, is having second such facility near the entrance.

The authorities want to create butterfly park, the first one located deep inside the lake part, has not been able to attract much butterflies. Speaking to Express, Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens Executive Director BP Ravi said that due to ecological reasons they are creating another park for flying creatures.

'Butterflies require specific eco-climatic conditions. The island concept is wrong. The habitat is not suitable and attracts very few butterflies, as it is surrounded with water bodies. There should be mild humidity and temperature. Thus, a new butterfly gardening is being created near the entrance of the gate and this will improve the habitat,' he added.

Nearly around 150 varieties of nectar and host plants will be planted in the garden, which attract various kinds of butterflies. Steps are being taken to erect display boards mentioning the names of the different species of butterflies that arrive in the garden, their specialty and importance.
Also, plans are on card to rope in college students to plant saplings and make them aware of the species of the butterflies and conservation of nature. This might give a good experience to students, as an individual in sustaining an ecosystem. Nearly 60 per cent of the works have completed already and the garden works will complete by March.

This apart, the visitors to Karanji lake will soon get an opportunity to see a glimpse of the diversities of nature, apart from spotting wide variety of bird species in the sprawling water body.

Orchidarium, Tetarium, Cactus Terrarium, Paludarium (housing both terrestrial and aquatic), an aquarium bound to attract only aquatic lovers, including a wide variety of lilies will be placed. The Karanjli lake attracts 2.50 to 2.80 lakh visitors per year.

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