Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Polo the only Gorilla in Country is no more

The large Ape male Gorilla 'Polo' breath its last here on Saturday night around 10.45 pm, after prolong illness. Aged 42 years, the Western Lowland Gorilla 'Polo' born on 1972, was received by Mysore Zoo from Dublin Zoo, Ireland on August 12, 1995.  

The Ape was one of the major attraction of zoo and was the country's only Gorilla house in Mysore Zoo. The charming gorilla was attracting huge crowd towards it, entertaining the visitors. He was ever graceful and contended. 
Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens Executive Director BP Ravi said that since a month, the animal was showing loss of appetite and off fed. Though Zoo Vets and other experts were monitoring the health condition regularly, the Ape not respond to the treatment and succumb to death.  

Dr Sunder Raj said that: “The polo had reduced the intake for the last 15 days, and compared to earlier the animal was less active. The condition became worse with respiratory dyspnea and hurried thoracic respiration from last two weeks. Experts opined that symptoms of dyspnea and open mouth respiration could be due to respiratory tract infection and advised to start injectable antibiotic. Since a week antibiotic along with broncho dilators were being given.”

“Polo was showing little activity, though no marked improvement in the health condition was observed. Nebulization with broncho dilator drug was also attempted. Since last two days cough was prominent with moist rales. His activities were markedly decreased and refused food almost completely. Finally, he died on Saturday,” added doctor condoling the death of Polo. 
“Polo seemed to be restless with hurried respiration and drooping of lower lip. Liver extracts, vitamins supplements were started, for which he showed little improvement. Zinc, iron, multi vitamins, oral antibiotics and pain killers are continuously been tried to feed him with milk, tea and juices though he is reluctant to take oral drugs,” said Zoo Director Ravi. 

“Since tranquilising the animal at old age and with poor health status is risky, detailed physical examination of animal and sample collection for laboratory analysis were practically not possible. Voided urine samples were examined twice which revealed no marked abnormalities in the parameters except increase in Urobilinogen level,” he added. 

A visitor to Zoo, Kailash said: 'The Ape had attracted thousands of visitors to Zoo. Its sad to hear that the animal is no more.”  

Is loneliness reason for death ! 
The Polo was solo, after it lost Sumati in 2000. According to sources, the stress levels of Polo was increasing oftenly and was missing the campaign lot in the last 14 years. Loneliness might also be the reason for his ill health. 

'Polo remains in our heart always as a ever loving person'
The most loved dish of Polo is tea and egg, say caretakers
“We have lost our family member. His fond memory remains in our heart forever as a ever loving, charming person,” this were the emotional words said by Polo caretakers Pandey, Ramesh and Girish.   

Deeply mourning the death of the large Ape male Gorilla 'Polo' which was loved by them most, the trio said that they are missing their companion very much. 

Recalling their journey with Polo, they said: “Polo was shy in nature and was not getting adjust to newcomers soon. Polo was showing very affectionate towards us. If someone touches us in front of him, the Ape used to throw anger by kicking the food plate, or putting dull face. He used to remember even after a month and act rudely when the staff used to come to meet us.”   

“Two days once we used to give bath for him in summer, while weekly once in winter. The most loved dish of him is tea and egg. The doctors used to inject medicine to him closing Polo's face and used to leave the place before he turns back, as he was getting angered,” they recalled the past days. 

Pandey, a caretaker of Polo over a decade said: 'Polo was like my younger son. Though I had any problems at home, I was forgetting all my worries after seeing Polo. I have spent lot of memorable time with Polo. Even Polo was understanding my feelings very much and was very affectionate. The only different I noticed in humanbeings and him is Polo was not able to speak.” 

“Soon I used to address him by name, he used to rush towards me. He was following all the instruction given by me. Have felt very bad with his death. Its hard to get adjust to such a close extent to any other animal,” added Pandey emotionally. 

Girish Care Taker, who is associated with Polo said that polo was obeying all his commands and he misses him lot. “The loss of my family members cant be explained. He struggled hard in his last days. All our efforts to get him back went in vein.” 

Another care taker Ramesh who is looking after the ape from last two and half years said: Have lost my beloved brother. I have also given him bath, food. If I show the plate of egg, tea he used to run towards room to have it. If we scold him, he used to get disturbed and show the reactions on face. We miss him lot.” 

Diet of Polo   
According to caretakers the polo was enjoying tea and egg very much. Daily it was having Milk and Bread at 8.30 am; and grapes, apple, banana, watermelons, greens, seasonal fruits at 11.30 am, and by 6.30 pm tea, egg, and some fruits.  

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