Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Paper recycling by the students, for the students

Students of St Philomena's college are making the best use of their leisure time manufacturing paper files and paper sheets by recycling waste paper and the students reuse the same as drawing sheets and workout papers.

They took up with the venture of paper recycling, thereby not only aid conserving the environment but also a step towards the 'Go Green' campaign.

Per day 15 kg of used paper can be recycled at the Unit 'Jeevasnehi', set up exclusively for the purpose inside the college premises at the cost of Rs 10 lakh. Old newspapers, students internal assignment papers, rough notes, unwanted books are being recycled at the unit. Files and long sheet papers are produced out of it and the students reuse the same.

The teaching faculty of the various departments in the college send the assignment papers to the Unit, which were earlier discarded. Most of the project reports submitted by the students which are no longer required will also get new lease of life in the recycle unit on a regular basis.

The number of students studying in the degree college touches nearly 1600, which also includes international students from all parts of the globe who are enrolled here for various courses. The college management say they get good number of waste papers to recycle.

The students feel happy at the eco-conservation effort they are making as each year millions of trees are chopped down to make paper which is a huge strain on the natural resources which are depleting quite rapidly.
College principal Leslie Moras said: “We have also adopted e-administration to the extent possible to further minimise the usage of paper.”

Ours being an autonomous college, records will be discarded once every three years and this makes a good reason to collect such discarded papers and help in the conservation of nature,” said Babu Pacholakkal, who is in-charge of the Unit.
Student Sebin James says: “Apart from regular studies, the new venture provides a platform for students to cooperate and work together as a united team. Even though it's a small step from our side it's a giant leap in this journey of preserving and nurturing Mother earth. We are proud to be part of this journey.”

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