Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This artiste to narrate the mythological story on Lord Aiyannar


The Indira Gandhi Rashtirya Manav Sangrahalaya which has already housed several tribal artifacts, to add one more feather to its collections. 

67-year-old artiste M Rengasamy, hailing from Pudukkottai District,  Tamil Nadu will be soon demonstrated intricacies of terracotta idols at the venue, fabulously narrating the heroic character of deity Aiyanaar.  

The model represents the escorts of Aiyanaar (an protector). For which he will be creating about twelve terracotta motifs such as Hanuman, Elephant, Matsakanya, Horses, god's vassals, Veerabhadra, Nundiveeran, Magadikara, Bull, Nondiveeran, Purnakala, Pushpakala. 

All this works will be displayed permanently at the backyard of the IGRMS museum. Every idol has a mythological background and weighs around 100 kg and are about 2.5 to 3 feet in height.  
Elaborating the story about the motifs, he said: “Deity Aiyanaar was a ruler and a great warrior. To represent the escorts, this idols are created.  Its believed that Horses, elephants were rode by Aiyannar. Thus, we depict Aiyannar riding elephant, horse, with a sword in hand. About 60 such escorts, including gigantic god's and goddess are displayed at Aiyanaar's temple in our village.” 
Rengasamy who has continued the footsteps of his fore-father, has participated in the several international art festivals at Austria, Germany, Landon, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and has bagged National Award for his wondrous craftsmanship. 

He says: “Earlier Pudokottai district was popular for making Iyyanar horse' idols. There were several skilled artisans in the district. But, today this is a dying art.” 

“I feel proud when foreigners appreciate our Indian work and show interest to know about it. Have thought some of the foreigners the basic of creating terracotta idols. My three sons, including my grandson Shakti Velu  are continuing the legacy and am happy for it,” he added.  

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