Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Then farmers, now working as labourers for survival

The farmers of Yelwal Hobli who were leading a peaceful life, engaging themselves in agriculture activities, today have come to the streets and are working as labourers. The farmers who have sold their agriculture land since 2006, are doing menial jobs for survival.

Yelwal being one of the prominent hoblis in the District, located around 15 kms from heart of the city is considered as Real Estate Hub. The demand for land in the region is growing with every passing day.
But, the farmers who have sold their agriculture lands are today completely jobless.

Nearly 80 per cent of farmers have come to the streets and are working as labourers. This has also severely affected their children's education and maintenance of family. The women are forced to work as daily wage employees. This shocking truth has been revealed in the Human Development Index (HDI) report of Mysore for the year 2014.
As per the study, the real estate business which started booming since 2006 made the realtors to cast their eyes on the lands of villagers especially agriculturists by offering lucrative amounts. Falling for the bait nearly 80 per cent of farmers sold their lands to the realtors, including majority of the small and marginal farmers.

Though the farmers have sold per acre of land for Rs 8 to Rs 15 lakh,
being ignorant most of them have not made best use of the money and as a result lost the entire gains due to bad investments. As a result of this most of the families have become destitute.

Farmer Chandrappa, who had sold his land in 2008, said: 'When I got money, I spent it without count and invested badly. Including, myself most of the farmers in the region are working as labourers and its hard to see our families are also engaged in other works. We are cursing ourselves for our mistake selling land and destroyed our lives.'

ZP President Pushpa Amarnath said that with less knowledge and negligence most of the farmers have lost the money. 'Based on the report, a preliminary survey will be conducted and measures will be taken for the empowerment of children, and women.

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