Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Street plays to educate tribals about exercising their franchise

Streets plays play a major role in educating masses and thereby usher in new reforms in the society, as it directly reaches the common man on the street. Here is a group of eight members who have dedicated their life completely to educate people through street plays about the various welfare schemes launched by the government while also create awareness on important social issues. They say they fill the gap left by the newspapers, TV and other media.

All these artistes have undergone formal training and have prior experience in theater. Under the banner, 'Sambrama Samskuthika Kala Troupe', they are staging the play across State and are creating awareness amongst people for the past 15 years on such vital issues like the HIV, H1N1, child marriage, domestic violence, prevention of deadly infections through proper hygiene and several others.

At present the troupe members are on a eight day tour in the district to educate tribal people about the importance of exercising their franchise, all through street plays at various hamlets of HD Kote, Hunsur Taluk and Girijana Colonies.

They have rehearsed the script and composed songs to educate tribals about importance of voting while not be lured by offers of money or gifts and sell their votes. The plays also demonstrate how to exercise their franchise.

The intention behind these street plays is to increase voter turnout, and exercise their franchise freely and fairly, while informing them how to choose a candidate and the dangers of not exercising their franchise.

Youngsters play major role in electoral process and we target to grab the attention of youngsters in villages and make them educate other villagers through them,” said artiste Malraj.

Educating people through street plays is also a part of social service. Thousands of villagers have been benefited after watching our plays and we have seen change in them. They have learnt how to treat HIV patients, have become aware of various provisions under law meant for the protection of women, government welfare programmes and much more,” said Vasantha with proud.

Manjula says: Apart from getting educated ourselves, we make others too get educated. Many of them have been educated through plays. The plays reach the people in depth and helps for reforms. The job has brought us satisfaction more than earning.
Though the earning is not enough for livelihood. We have dedicated ourselves completely to educate people. We feel happy for it,” said the troupe members. The artistes are: Guru Sidda, Vasantha, Nagaraj, Manjula (Rajyotsava awardee), Malraj, Anusuia, Somashekar, Chandrashekar, Mastelingu who are residents of Mysore and Mandya.

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