Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Half century long love with birds

 Meet this senior citizen who has modified the terrace of his house just to breed the birds. For 60 year old Simon Nazareth breeding birds has become a passionate hobby for the past five decades. He has nearly 150 birds which includes among others pigeons, African love birds, Cockatiel, pinches, and ordinary love birds, which are called as Bajari.

Starting with just two breeds today the number of birds in his aviary has crossed 150. He never sells the birds, instead he exchanges them, adding to his collection. He also has four dogs of Great Dane, Rottweiler and Dachshund breeds.

He has spent about Rs 1.5 lakh out of his own pocket, to construct six big cages and a room to house pigeons. He spends around Rs 5000 per month for the upkeep and maintenance of these birds. He serves the birds with lavane, corriander leaves, sunflower seeds, paddy and much more.

For the pigeon cage he has constructed a small window like opening through which the birds can easily come out and return back after sunset. He has even placed small rings to the pigeons claws to idnetify the pigeon come to enclosure.  

Simon, an retired bank officer said: “It has become my hobby for the past five decades. In my school days first I brought two birds and from then I was most interested to breed more birds”

“Friends and neighbours drop by to watch birds. Daily I spend two hours listening to the chirping sounds of the birds. It gives solace to mind. Daily I clean the cages, and from last five decades it has become by hobby,” he adds.
Pics by S Udayshankar

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