Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Women can compete equally to men and emerge as good rulers'

Many of the political party leaders project women as losing candidate and say women cant compete equal to men and win the election. For this the best example is the ensuing Assembly elections.
Stating there is no promising women contenders, political parties are stepping behind to give an opportunity for women to contest in the elections. From which, only countable number of women have succeed in entering the election fray in the ensuing assembly elections.

Kalpana Siddaraju name is being heard for the contestant from Maddur, Anitha Kumarswamy from Channapatna, and Parimala Nagappa from Hanur, Chamarajanagar district.

Parimala Nagappa said that “About 50 per cent of women voters are there and its high time women should be given preference to contest in the elections. Citing there is no promising women candidate denying the ticket is not good cause. Women should be encouraged, promoted to contest. Though women cant spend money like men, women emerge as good rulers.”

Corporator Manjula Manasa says: “Its very sad that women are deprived of tickets to contest in elections. At least for every district two women would have been provided ticket to contest in the election. If women become politically stronger they can create wonders.”

Former corporator Mahadevamma said “Men do want to give up their power. Many women have capability to combat in the elections, but are denied with the opportunity in this male dominated society.”


Women who emerged as super power

In the history of Mysore city, only two women candidates have got tickets from major political parties to contest in the elections. Muktar Unnisa Begaum in 1985 had won the election from Congress NR Constituency. Dr Kamalrama had contested for elections in 1967 (Bharatiya Janasangha) and 1983 as a congress candidate. Since then no women has been fielded by major political parties in Mysore city.

Before undivided Mysore district, a women has carved niche in the political arena. Its none other than late KS Nagarathnamma, who has won the assembly elections consequently for seven times from Gundlupet (1957 to 89). She was called as 'Amma of Gundlupet'. Being one of the powerful leader she was a speaker and was Minister for Health and Family Welfare.

Though Yashodamma Dasappa and Soundaramma Venkatesh were said to be powerful candidates they were denied by giving opportunity to contest in the election.

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