Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mysuru ranks 12th in Human development Index

The report recommends to provide better life for the people

Mysuru District holds 12th place in State, while Mysore Taluk tops the list (0.813) in the District, with HD Kote at the bottom (0.264), according to the Human Development Index report for the year 2014.
According to the reports, High ratios of Infant Mortality Rate (IMR), Child Mortality Rate (CMR), malnutrition, anaemia are reported in district. Access to basic health care facilities for people residing outside the city of Mysore is very poor.

Supply of drinking water, accessibility to education and health care facilities and availability of accommodation or residential houses are quite satisfactory in Mysuru. The biggest challenge the district facing is lack of proper sanitation, keeping in mind the rise in population and livelihood in rural areas.

Apart from Mysuru Taluk, all the taluks have remained backward interms of human development, income, education, etc. Specially, the backward taluk HD Kote has continued to remained bottom of the HDI ranking.

Women status

The status of women in Mysore taluk is good, while it has been reported to be quite disappointing in HD Kote, an backward taluk in the district. Hunsur holds first position with regard to women’s health. In matters of women empowerment, T Narasipur and Periyapatna tops with good number of working women. Over all Women empowerment Gender disparities and discrimination are quite unsatisfying.
Food Security

When it comes to food security the district ranks 11th place (0.429) in State. Both the availability of food (0.449) and real access to food is low (0.367). The status of people residing in Mysore Taluk is better, compare to HD Kote. Mysore Taluk (14) is in first place, while HD Kote (172) is in the seventh position, as far as food security is concerned. The report recommends for improved provisioning of food security in district.

Child Development

While district drops down to 20th position in Child Development. The reason being increase in IMR and CMR rates; malnutrition among children, and lack of efforts to bring the drop out children back to school. In Heealth Hunsur holds first place; Mysuru in Nutrition and Nanjangud in Education.
Status of Taluks

There is a wide difference in rankings amongst the taluks reflecting the quality of living. As for example, T Narasipur holds 47th place, while periyapatna 147 th place. In matters related to all round development Mysore city stands first (0.819); while Bannur is in the last position with 0.341 where people having access to basic facilities is quite disappointing. Mysore Taluk holds first place (0.542); and Nanjangud ranks last (0.484) in the comprehensive development of taluks. While, the district ranks 14th place in gender discrimination, Mysore taluk holds second place in Education after Nanjangud. In all, the reports will be useful in addressing the specific problems of region and finalising the plans.


* The HDI report recommends for the over all development of district, emphasising specially in education and health sector.
* To chalk out programmes to provide better life for the people and improve their living conditions.
* To reduce the wide difference between taluks and give prominence for taluks that have remained backward for long.
* The most affected are the children who are deprived of education and health care facilities. So more importance should be give for development of children.
* To improve the livelihood of villagers of all the taluks. To give importance for agricultural activities and create jobs. 

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