Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lack of public toilets force women PKs fend for themselves

When citizens face untold problems due to lack of sufficient number of public toilets in city, imagine the plight of Safai Karmacharis,
especially women whose work requires them to be in fields.

Without public toilets the women are encountering serious problems.
Specially when menstrual periods occur the plight of women is
unexplainable. Some women are forced to attend the nature's call in vacant sites.

With Swatcha Bharath campaign being heralded in all towns and cities, its high time the Mysore City Corporation should wake up and construct more number of toilets keeping in mind the city's population and the density of streets where more people walk.
Pourakarmika women said that every ward should be provided with adequate number of toilets located at strategic locations. They added that they have been forced to go behind bushes in some vacant site.

Bhagyamma, a civic employee, says: “Most of the women work during the day between 8 am and 2 pm. We leave home by 7 am and only after
reaching home we can attend the nature's call. Without toilet rooms we
are encountering severe problem. The officials should understand the
problem of women.”

Jankamma added, its difficult to mange during menstrual period. The
concerned officials should take measures to construct a toilet in each
ward for us.

Another women Varalakshmi says: 'Those work in city centers are
blessed compared to those work in residential areas. We are struggling
hard without toilet facility and most of us relieve ourselves in
vacant sites during urgency. Its high time Corporation should take measures to construct public toilets.'

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