Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Half of the Mysuru city streets is reeling under dark

Half of the Mysuru city streets is reeling under dark, thus posing a threat to women wanting to step out of houses. The reason: Out of 65,000 streetlights in the city, nearly 30 per cent of them are not functioning.
Though officials at Mysuru City Corporation claim they have been properly maintained, in reality its not true. Of the 250 to 300 complaints received by Mysore City Corporation every day, around 100 to 120 complaints, are related to absence of street lights.

While authorities claim to have heightened the safety of women by taking several measures in the aftermath of Delhi gang rape, they have failed to properly lit the streets in Mysuru city.

There are several instances eve teasing occurs in public places and most of the women helpless walkout silently. There are even even instances women, specially housewives residing at extension layout are finishing their shopping, walking before sunset. Though they want to go out they will be accompanied with family members.

Expressing their woes several women explained the problems they encountered on the streets in the night due to non-functioning streetlights. There is a strong perception among them that chain snatchers, and other criminals who will be prawning in dark places and waiting for the right opportunity to target women and children.

Homemaker Chaya, resident of Chamundipuram said: 'Absence of street light has turned into an opportunity for miscreants for eve teasing and sad part is most of the women wont complain.'

Dhanu, a resident of Sharadevi Nagar said that most parts in their locality don’t have enough streetlights. Miscreants target those streets which are dark only to booze and throw the leftovers in the vacant sites.

Senior Citizen Achutha, residing at Saraswathipuram said: 'It is too risky and we are scared to send our women and even children to play outside after sunset. With city witnessed several chain snatching incidents, its need of the hour appropriate measures have to be taken to provide all sorts of safety for women.'

With the rise in the incidents of crime against women, there is an urgent need of providing better safety for women. Though street lights have been erected in main thoroughfares of the city, after sunset they turn pitch dark due to lack of regular maintenance. This has become major cause of concern for women and senior citizens,” he added.
This apart, some women motorists also observed that lack of proper streetlights makes it too dangerous to drive on the roads as road humps and pot holes are not visible which many a times have caused serious accidents.
MCC Assistant Executive Engineer Ganesh Bhovi said that soon a survey will be conducted to study if additional streetlights are required. Tenders have been called for maintenance of streetlights, and also new areas are being added to Corporation limits, he added.

MCC Commissioner Dr CG Betsurmath said that maintenance of streetlights is underway and the same will be verified in due course.

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