Wednesday, October 7, 2015

'Super Tuesday', a boon for villagers

Having access to mental treatment at door step has brought happiness among persons suffering from mental problems in district. Thanks for the 'Super Tuesday' programme being observed in district from last two weeks, under which free medical treatment, counseling is provided to persons suffering from mental problems by specialist psychiatric.

With lack of awareness among people about mental health and lack of availability of specialist, accessibility, affordability, most of them were not getting treatment and were suffering with mental problems silently. While, the programme has helped hundreds of patients suffering from mental problems. Specially, those who cant come to city are having access to treatment at their door step, and are immensely benefited.

The doctors compulsorily visit all taluk hospitals, Primary Health Centres and Community Health in district on every Tuesdays, and provide councelling and drug for persons with mental problems.
District Mental Health Programme Officer in association with Medical College, Department of Pshychiatrics, including private practitioners have been roped in for the programme.

Minimum Essential Psychiatrists drugs is being distributed to all PHCs in this connection. In first phase, hospitals at seven taluk in district have been selected and the programme will be extended to Primary Health Center (PHCs) in coming 'Super Tuesdays', after providing training to Medical officers in PHCs.

Villager Vasudevan, relative of a patient said: 'From last two Tuesday's we are meeting doctors and getting treatment. Earlier we were coming to KR Hospital. Those who are suffering from depression and other mental problems are immensely benefited now.'

Shanthi from Periyapatna said : “My sister was suffering from mental problem. I examined her near doctors during their visit to taluk hospital. If they were not coming for village, I would have ignored with some blind believes. The visit of doctors to our place has helped us lot.”

Dr BN Raveesh, Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatry, MMC&RI, who is also President of Indian psychiatrist Society said that medical officers in PHCs are being trained how to identity mental health problems and primary treatment for those suffering with mental problems.

In case of complicated, they will refer the patients to district hospital. The motto of the programme is to make reach the Mental Health care for every villagers, he added. He further added that more than 35 per cent of them are suffering from mental problems in district, and most of the women suffer from depression.

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