Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tribes communities to learn from their counterparts across borders

The central government has come out with a novel 'exchange of visit' programme for tribal, under which tribes in State to meet tribal communities in other state, and exchange their skills. The agenda of the programme is to improve economic status of tribes and bring them to the mainstream of society socially, economically, educationally. The state which are tribal productive will be chosen under the programme.

In first phase, about 30 tribes from 12 tribal communities to visit Kerala for six days and study about ethnomedicine. Later in coming days other tribal communities will be sent to Gujarat to study on dairy product, and Assam to make them aware of Bamboo products.

With the tribes in Kerala are familiar for ethnomedicine, the selected tribes from state will be sent to Kerala, where they study about the plants, herbs which have medicinal value, its collection, extraction usage and further enhance their knowledge. It also includes exchange of their their culture, tradition and practices.
Soliga, Jeenu Kurba, Siddu, Soliga, Koraga, Yerava and other communities ethnomedicinist (tribal doctors), who are presently collecting medical plants will be sent for training.

A translator will explaining the practices of the tribes in Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada. In all, the programme provides an platform for tribes in State to enhance their skill, by undergoing training in other state and updating their skill in their respective traditional occupation.

Ministry of Tribal Affairs has released Rs 5 lakh, under the Central Sector Scheme of 'Grant in-aid to TRIs'. Karnataka State Tribal Research Institute (KSTRI) will implement the programme.

KSTRI Director Dr TT Basavanagouda said that the tribal exchange progremme helps to strengthen tribals economically and enhance knowledge in their respective field.

Hundreds of species of plants, herbs are used by tribes in Kerala for traditional medicinal. The tribes to share their immense knowledge in herbal medicine with our tribes,” he added.

After their training, KSTRI to provide micro finance for the tribal communities to set up their units. The Institute will keep tack on the loans provided for tribes, he added.

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