Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Maharani's college students are facing problems

The students of Maharani's college are facing lot of problems, without a proper place to sit. while inside the college premises waiting for the classes to begin. Around 8,500 girls have enrolled in this college for various courses and among them 5,500 girls come from surrounding villages and other rural areas.

Though some of them are residing in the PG Hostel, majority of the girls, in order to reach the college in time, have to leave their houses early in the morning to catch bus. As a result they arrive at the college a couple of minutes earlier sometimes even an hour so and are thus forced to wait inside the college quadrangle till their classes begins. But fortunately they don't have proper place to sit and relax for some time.

Kavya, who comes from Nanjangud says: 'Without proper bench or chairs to sit, we are forced to sit in the open ground and have food. If it rains our plight is unexplainable. There is severe derth for seating place in college premises.”

Another student Gowri says: 'There is need to beautify the college premises and provide basic amenities. When thousands of girls come here to study, arrangements must be made to provide basic facilities.'

During rainy season, we are forced to have food standing in corridor. If we come we get fully drenched. With the increasing number of students getting enrolled year after year it is becoming difficult to manage. Large number of girls can be seen standing crowded each hour before the class begins ,' added Mahadevi. 

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