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78 years journey of Kannada film industry to mark Dasara film festival

Dasara Film Festival will be held in city from October 16 to 23. The center of attraction during the fest will be photo exhibition and screening of documentary on 78 years journey of Kannada Film Industry. The expo has been organised to mark the 100 years completion of Indian Film Industry.

In association with Film Society, World famous movie will be screened from October 16 to 22 at Scouts and guide Auditorium and EMMRC Auditorium. About 50 rare and famous film will be screened in five theaters in heart of the city from October 19 to 23 (morning show) and any one day films will be screened for children at free of cost. Apart this, arrangements have been made to screen movies at some of the city park in evening time at free of cost for general public.

Disclosing this to media persons on Wednesday, Karnataka Film Academy Chairperson Tara said that the film festival will be inaugurated by Chief Minister Jagadeesh Shettar on October 16 at 3.30 pm, either at Kalamandira nor Senate Bhavan.

'Measures have been taken to attract large number of youngsters to the film festival, as Yuva Dasara has been canceled. A cultural programme from Cine and TV artists will be held, and senior artistes who have rendered yeomen service in film industry will be felicitated,' she added.

Stating amidst lot of pain and agony over Cauvery issue, they are gearing-up to celebrate Dasara, as not to break the tradition and culture, she said that plans have been made to celebrate the event in rich manner, without spending huge money.

“Talks have been held with district theater owners to collect Rs 10  per ticket and and to screen four shows continuously for 2-3 days. But, so far we have not got any positive response from theater owners,” she said.

Last year the Film Festival was celebrated with the expenditure of Rs 10.7 lakh, while this year Dasara Film Festival Committee has put a demand of Rs 15 lakh, as they have to bear the expenditure of photo exhibition.


1.5 lakh roses to recreate Anne Gaadi
40,000 varieties of flowers pots will be displayed in the Curzon Park
Flower show is one of the major attraction of world famous Mysore Dasara. Every year following the tradition with a new theme models will be displayed in the Curzon Park by Horticulture Department.

In the same, a replica of Anne Gaadi will be the center of attraction during this year's Dasara Flower Show. The show will be held from October 12 to 25 at Curzon Park.

The Anne Gadi will be recreated using approximate of 1.5 lakh dutch roses (hybrid roses) with the combination of cut flowers like Carnesia, Liliums, Anthuriums and other varieties of flowers.

It is learnt that for first time, the Anne Gaddi took part in the Dasara festival in 1920 during the regime of Krishnaraja Wadiyar. Prominent musicians Veene Sheshanna, Subbanna, Venkatagiri, Violin Vidwan Shivarudrappa, and many other took part in the procession.

Senior Assistant Director Raju said that Anne Gaadi has its own history and about 24 Palace Vidwans used to sit in this Anne Gaddi and play music during dasara procession.

Plans were made to recreate this Anne Gaadi from many years and this year it has been finalised. Contract will be given to any one of the firm in the shortlisted three firms, he added.
Around 40,000 varieties of flowers pots will be displayed in the park. Apart this, exotic varieties of food, vegetables, foliage, flowers, Ooty flowers, KRS Flowers, will be displayed at the venue by Bangalore Indo-American Hybrid Nursery, Agriculture Research Center, Horticulture College Thandavapura, and residences.

Last year statute of Chamarajenda Wadiyar attracted lakhs of people for Dasara flower show and set a record. The other models displayed in past years are Dasara Elephant, Nandi, Gandaberunda, and Mahishasura.

When and What...

October 12 - Competition for industries and government organizations who have developed garden in their premises.
October 13 - Competition for NGO's who have owned gardens and arranging of flower plants.
October 14 – Contest for residence who have developed garden in house.
October 15 - 40,000 flowers pots will be arranged in the venue.
October 16 – Inauguration.
October 17 -  Flower Rangoli competition
October 18 -  Ikabena competition;
October 19 - Indian flower show competition
October 20 - Vegetable carving  
October 25 – Prize distribution.


Shut down of  Landsdowne Building affects student community

Shut down of the century-old Landsdowne Building has not only affected the tenants doing good business since decades, but has also largely affected the student community, as the building was a last stop for used text books.

With admissions to Engineering colleges having been completed 20 days ago, the demand for text books has gone up as there are seven Engineering colleges in the city and the students are eager to procure the text books of this semester and even professional colleges strictly adhere to the academic schedule completing the course in time.

Abudakar Siddiqui of Madina Book House said, “ours being a second hand book stall, a large number of students used to visit our shop to buy and resell the books. Every six months during the new semester Engineering students used to throng shops to purchase the books. Our regular customers are still calling to find out when out book stalls will be reopened.”

Another owner Prashanth of Gayatri Book says, “demand for both new and old books is good here. But now, books are lying idle inside the locked shop and we are helpless. Though recently the district administration allowed us to remove the goods stocked inside our shops, the time given was not sufficient as such most of the books are still struck inside. Those which we could bring out has already been sold."

“We regularly purchase the second hand books at reasonable price here. We always got the book here we sought after just roaming a couple of shops. Now, due to the closure of book stalls we are waiting for the shops to re-open,” says Anirudh a student of NIE College.
The tenants are eagerly waiting when will be the temporary sheds promised by the MCC will be erected.  Meantime, this loss of business at Lansdowne building has come as a blessing in disguise for other shops, where some students are heading.


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