Sunday, April 6, 2014

Women empowerment to take center note at Mahila Dasara

This year women dasara will not only be a platform for women to showcase their talent, whereas a medium to educate populace about women empowerment and gender discrimination.

A empowered women not only bring changes in society, whereas contributes to the economic development of country. With this backdrop,
Mahila Dasara Sub-Committee has organised a rally from Palace to JK Grounds to drew the attention of people towards women empowerment.

The aim of the rally is to boost confidence, remove fear among women and empower them on various aspects like how to over come poverty, contribution to society in health, education sector, how to live with freedom and much more. Women and Children Dasara Secretary NR Vijay said the rally empowers women boosting confidence and skills.

Dance by tribal women
Apart this, the Mahila Dasara will be perfect platform to showcase their talent in beauty, cooking, art and culture. A group of 15 tribal women from HD Kote are all set to steal the show at Mahila Dasara by their rural traditional dance.

Bride of India
Another interesting and eye catching event which will be host is “Bride of India”, an Indian Wedding contest. Women dressed as brides, walk on the red carpet depicting culture of various states in India.

The event will also be an informative programme to introduce people of Mysore, of other culture and tradition. The contest will be a cynosure of all eyes to watch the amalgamation of various culture, say programme organisers.

Traditional Cooking Contest
To introduce the tradition of the particular region, a traditional cooking competition has been organised. The women from different spheres will prepare and exhibit their traditional dishes of the region.

Women and Child Development Minister Umashree will inaugurate Mahila Dasara on October 7 at JK Grounds. 

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