Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Forum to make tribal women economically stronger

In a bid to make tribal women economically stronger various programees has been chalked out by Vanavasi Kalyana, Karnataka. The organisation volunteers have conducted a survey in the districts of Mysore, Kodagu, Chamarajanagar and in the phase will be setting up SHG's in the three districts.

In first phase have opened 12 SHGs groups in HD Kote Taluk, and plans are on card to launch SHGs in Hunsur, followed by Chamarajanagar and Kodagu simaltaneously.

Through the SHG's the women are motivated in various activities. The women are given idea to generate income, using the minor forest resources. They are provided training on savings encouragement, banking procedures, lending money for interests, marketing and several other products.

Interestingly, apart from regular works, the women are actively involved in Bhajans, Sports programme. The youngster in the hamlets have been trained on the medical assistance for common symptoms of illhealth. For tribes who have land are though of Agriculture aspects, under Krushikendra Banner. In Mysore Divison, 60 volunteers are rendering service, of which Majority of the them are  tribals.  

Its estimated that more than 50 lakh people are living in Karnataka. One lakh tribal density regions is considered as one district from the organisation. They have identified 15 districts across country and are educating women on various aspects.

118 Tribal hamlets are there in HD Kote, Mysore District, largest hamlets in a taluk at State. Followed by large hamlets in Billigi Rangana Hill at Chamarajanagar. The divisional center is running a hostel in Mysore for girls and boys who are doing their degrees.

The vision of volunteers of Vanavai Kalyana is to open branch across districts by 2025 and make tribal self reliant without making to lose their culture. They strongly believe that 'Loss of Culture is Loss of Identity'. In the same they are educating triblas on various aspects, without making them not to loss their culture.

South India City Committee In-charge Volunteer Sathya Keerthi said that There are several chances the tribes are mislead and they are exploited by money lenders. Thus, they are created awareness about rules, law under Vachanayalaya.

The organisation which is functioning across country, including Nepal. From last two years a Divisional Center was established in Mysore, comprising of Chamarajanagar and Kodagu District. Across country, 3500 volunteers are working, of which majority of them are 50 per cent tribals.


The housemaids have come together to become self-reliant

Many of you might be thinking that your house-maid after completing her routine works simply vanish only to reappear the next day. You might be surprised to know that around 700 housemaids located in and around city are multifaceted. By forming small self-help groups these women have undergone training in tailoring, beautician and other courses.

After completing their house hold works they rush back to visit customer's houses to fulfill job orders taken from them the previous day. This way they keep themselves engaged throughout the day while also earning money at the same time.

Being illiterates, the women say over a decade their living style has completely changed. About 20 per cent of women have ventured into other business, apart from their custom housemaid work. While, majority of them without giving up their daily housemaid work, have embarked into other businesses.  

More than 90 per cent of these women spouses are employed as daily labourers in construction works or as street side vendors selling vegetables, their earnings alone are not sufficient to maintain the family. To meet the requirements of family, these women are chipping in what they can. The day begins for this women daily at 4 am. After preparing food for family members they leave home by 6 am and will be back by 2 pm.  
“In addition to earning and saving money for the future, we have developed courage to become self-reliant and face the society. We have opened bank accounts, have learnt to sign,” say the housemaids, who have come together and have formed a group called Sri Chamundeshwari Mahila Kalanjiam Federation, promoted by a social welfare organisation Dhan Foundation.

48-year-old Kempamma who has been working as a maid since she was 12 years old, says that after becoming an active member a decade ago, she could save a sizeable amount of money. “Earlier I was working for four houses, but now I work for just one house while rest of the time engaging in SHG activities. I have been elected as Board of member for the Federation” she said with pride.

Housemaid Shivamma has undergone a beautician course and after completing her housemaid work (cooking) by 2 pm, she goes about attending to her customers make-up calls. After getting sufficient number of regular clients, she has plans to open a beauty parlour. In the meanwhile she has also taken up learning embroidery and stitching which she plans to add to her business. She desires to teach several other housemaids and bring them to the mainstream of society.

In the same way, Manjula, another active member of the SHG for the past five years, has been running a provision store at Janata Nagar. She says: “Just a year ago, I started a provision store and my business is good. After becoming member, I could avail a loan of Rs 60,000, with that I have managed to open a provision store.”

Dhan Foundation Project Executive PD Sindhu said that the women folk are very active and are taking part at SHGs activities very enthusiastically.
There are instances where few women have been succeeded in making their drunkard husbands to give up drinking. With three cluster in city, this housemaid SHGs comprises women from Janata Nagar, KG Koppal, Agrahara and Kanakagiri.

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