Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Safai Karmacharis to throw light on social issues

It is quite unheard of that Safai Karmacharis after doing their job of sweeping the streets, have practiced to enact the play and have staged about 104 plays across country. Safai Karmacharis had come all their way from Pune to stage their 105th play 'Sathy Shodhak' (The Truth Seeker) at the last day of Bahuroopi Theater Festival here on Monday.

Through the play they conveyed the message that they not only bind for their professional, whereas they can create wonders. They say: “We have a sense of satisfaction. Earlier, the people were looking down upon us as ordinary people. Whereas, the same people today applauded us after watching our plays. We to personally feel happy with our achievements and we want to promote other pourakarmikas to make their dream come true in various fields.”

The play is related to the life and work of Mahatma Jotiba Phule's and Savitribai Phule to our times. It deals with women's issues, education fr the extremely underprivileged, struggle against casteism, meaning of religion, Brahmanism v/s Brahmanas association of the Satyashodhak movement with farmers and the onset of organised struggle of the working class.

Artiste Saneep Prakash More said: “This is my first play am acting, and very much excited. From last four months I have practicing hard. Luckily have got the opportunity to stage play with my wife and daughter, who are performing in the major role at the play”

“I worked as sweeper at Pune Municipal Corporation for several years.  After completion of departmental exams, I was promoted as Clerk,” he said with proud. The family members who have practiced daily for about two to three hours set fire on rock, through their scintillating performance.

Director Atul Pethe said that about 25 persons are associated with play, of which 65 per cent of them are pourakarmikas and others are freshers.

“While making the documentary 'The Garbage Trap' (Kachara-Kondi), I had the opportunity to watch the life of sewage and sanitary workers from close quarters. I bonded with these workers. They are amazing talent in performing arts. After conducting workshop we staged the play on Jotiba's life, which is an extremely creative and enriching experience for all of us,” he added.

“In the initial days it was challenging task to convince them and attract them towards theater field. But, today we all feel good,” he added.

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