Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Even after year, no action against school refused to implement RTE

With schools that failed to provide seats under RTE Act being let off with just warning last year, there are doubts among the parents and NGOs about its successful implementation this year. Though the officials of Department of Public Instruction (DDPI) served notices to some schools for non implementation of the Act, there was no serious action initiated against them, thus sending a stern warning against those who fail to fall in line.

Several schools including 13 CBSE schools had refused to implement RTE last year, thus denying an opportunity to hundreds of children who wanted to get admissions to unaided schools. As per the statistics, only 3170 children managed to obtain seats under RTE out of the 5217 seats. The total number of applications received last year was 7313. However, there is no exact figure about the number of schools refused to implement the Act.

Venkataramu, Superintendent at DDPI office said that they had issued notice to the schools last year and admitted their failure in taking action. Adding, he said a meeting will be held under the Chairmanship of District Level Regulatory Authority and action will be taken.

While, this year the situation is different. The moment the department started issuing notice to the 13 unaided school which had refused to implement RTE, warning of canceling their recognition, the schools headed to implement the Act.

As Chief Minister belongs to the Mysore district, officials of DDPI have put all efforts to ensure that the Act is implemented successfully in district this year. Chaitra, resident of Nanjumalige said: “There are instances the children are denied of providing admission in the last moment. The officials should ensure the schools admits children.”

RLHP Director Saraswathi said that with series of awareness programme the people are educated in large number and are hoping the Act is implemented successfully.

Decline in number of seats
The number of seats has come down compared to last year. Last year 5217 seats were available, whereas this year the total number of seats available is 4486. According to RTE Nodal Officer Dr Kanta the reason for decline in number of seats is few of the unaided schools have produced minority certificates. There is exception for minority Institutions for implementing RTE under the Act.

Applications received
Of the 4486 seats set aside under RTE in the 456 unaided schools in the district, the total number of applications received so far for admission to LKG and first standard is around 10,627. With exceeding number of applications being received, the children will be selected through lottery held in public, added Venkataramu.

Line Up
* No of schools:
LKG - 211; First standard - 245. Total - 456 schools.
*Seats Available:
LKG - 2246 (Applications received 8115); 1st std - 2240 (Applications received 2512); Total - 4486 (10627, as on February 12).
* Where to contact
Last date for sending applications is February 19.
Applications can be obtained from nearby unaided schools.
For any queries contact toll free number 1800 42511027
* Process
Schools submit applications to BEO's before February 24.
Selection of beneficiaries before March 3.
Admission process commence from March 15.

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