Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This device detects the track of stolen vehicles

If your vehicle stolen damaging the GPS tracker. There is no need to worry. You can stop the vehicle by just sending a SMS and track the vehicle.

The eighth Semester students of Ekalavya Institute of Technology(EIT), Ummathur, Chamarajanagar have designed and fabricated a electronic device 'ultimate smart real time vehicle ignition off system', which helps the owner to stop the vehicle by just giving commands over mobile.

With repeated reports on theft of vehicles, the students
Ambily Joy, VS Sruthi, Nafeela Habeeb, A Manisha from Electronics and Communication engineering have come out with this novel idea.
A security unit system will be embedded in the vehicle. This unit consists of smart controller which sends an analog signal to the gadget when the car is running. When the vehicle is stolen, by giving commands and giving the unique code through mobile the moving vehicle engine can be stopped.

The first initial command audio will alert the thief stating 'the vehicle is stolen stop'. In case, if the thief continues to drive, the movement of the vehicle can be stopped by sending the unique code.
The vehicle will not start until the next command is given by the vehicle owner.

The uniqueness of the device is it cant be tampered easily. In case if any one tries to tamper the device, immediately the vehicle owner receives a message. The device will be fitted in accelerator and is approximated about Rs 6,000. The students at present have found the device for four-wheelers, which they plan to extend for two wheelers in coming days.

The students say: The safety of private and public vehicles is a major concern nowadays and the device is helpful to get back the vehicles.
The students have found the device under the guidance of Assistnat Prof YB Raveen and have applied for patent.  

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