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Come dasara and its mating time for palace elephant !

This might be strange but truth. Dasara is a mating time for palace elephant ! There are seven elephants permanently residing in palace premises specially, used for taking part in religious seminars and all of them are female.

As there is no male elephants in Palace there procreation are stand still. But, a ray of hope arrives every time during dasara, as they are donned with the arrival of male elephants from forests, which take part in Dasara festivities.

Just eight days ago, one of the female elephant of Palace has been mated with pretty, tall, handsome, 52-year-old 'Arjuna', who is in the race with Balarama to carry howdah elephant.

For last five years, the Palace Board is successful in providing connubial bliss for the languishing female elephants in their custody, with the male visitors. After studying the behaviour of elephants, the mahouts inform Palace officials and later arrangements are made to send male elephants.

Though they are couple of male elephants in Mysore Zoo, as they are not tamed elephants, in fear of it many behave rudely and widely with the female elephants, the authorities are not ready to take any chance.

Dr Nagaraj, veterinarian of Dasara elephants says, “even thought this is not a permanent solution, steps should be taken to create more opportunities for the female elephants to mate with the male.”

By this mating even the elephants are not conceived, its interesting to know that elephants can conceive until 70 years, unlike they are fit and ovulating.

As the male jumboos will return back to the forest after the completion of Dasara, measures have been taken to make best use of the opportunity to seek orgasmic pleasures between the elephants. Or else the officials have to wait until next Dasara !


Now, mahouts to learn about properties of medicinal plant through PPP

There was the time where research scholars, students of Ayurveda went to forest to meet the tribals and learn from them about medicinal properties of plant and also how to identify them. But, now the things has changed.

Though being born in tribal community, majority of them are not aware of many medicinal plants and are still using some of the medicines (kashaya) thought from their ancestors to get the ailments cured.

Hence, the staff of Ayush (Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) have all set to educate mahouts and their family members about the identification of medicinal plants, and their usage through power point presentation (PPP). The staff will also carry some of the Medicinal plants grown in the Ayush campus to show them.

Specially, plants which have medicinal properties for cough, allergies, stomach pain, headache, cold, asthma, diabetics, blood pressure, sugar, uterus problems, and many other ailments will be introduced to them.

The purpose of the programme is to educate them how to treat minor elements making use of the medicinal plants available in the forest,  and also to conserve the ancient Ayurveda medicine for future.

For the first of its kind in the history of Mysore dasara, this type of unique programme has been organised for mahouts and their family members, who are in city along with their Jumbos to take part in the dasara festival and are staying at the pitched tents inside the palace premises.

District Ayush Officer Dr Nagesh says, “in forest mahouts come across many plants, but unaware of their medicinal properties they wont use it. Hence, to educate them Ayush has organised a camp starting from Saturday.”

Two days once the team of doctors comprising of Dr Ramesh, Dr Uma and Dr SM Veda are providing health education, personal and menstrual hygiene and nutrition education for family members of mahouts, specially women.


Jail inmates to delight visitors during Dasara

Its not only the students who are preparing to present cultural programme during dasara. Whereas a new troupe of musicians are laying to the ground and are all set to present Musical programme (Sangeetha Rasamanjari Programme) during this year Dasara festival. They are the inmates of Mysore Central Jail.

About eight jail inmates Mahesh, Mohan, Siddegowda, Chandru, Yogesh, Venkatesh (singers), HK Putta, Chikusu (instruments) have been selected to render music programme.

They are being trained by Shivaprakash and Murthy for last three months to sing and play musical instruments like keyboard, drum, casino, guitar, and many other instruments.

The inmates have learnt about 130 songs which include folklore, Hindi and Kannada film songs, bhavageethe, bhaktigeethe and patriotic songs. They have been provided with related books to learn songs during their leisure time. As they find hard to sing Hindi songs, they get the songs translated into Kannada with help of their teachers, and later sing them.

Jailor Jayasimha said that Mysore jail is the first jail in country, which is engaging the inmates in music programme. The initiative of the programme is ADGP Prisons K V Gagandeep.

Inmate Venkatesh expressing happiness over performing programme during dasara festival said that “by going outside and giving performance we fell we to are part of society.”

Inmate Mahesh says due to engaged in learning music for last three months it has brought lot of changes in him and is even helpful to forget his agony.

Extend support to cauvery issue
The inmates extended their support to farmers and opposed the release of cauvery water to Tamil Nadu.


Women to climb Chamundi Hill by rendering bhajans

In a bid to provide opportunity for artistes to take part in the Dasara Bhajan programmes, the event which was restrict only for district, will be celebrated at national-level from this year.

Bhajan Sankirthana, Shathakanta, Vocal, Mettiluthosava and various other programmes will be held from October 10 to 21. District in-Charge Minister SA Ramdas will launch the event in front of Kote Anjaneya swamy Temple on October 10 at 8 am.

Disclosing this to media persons on Tuesday, Bhajana Sub-Committee Vice President Rajesh Bore said that Rs 10 lakh has been sanctioned for the committee.

The first bhajan is praying god to solve the cauvery water issue in state and provide peace among people. About 500 women will be taking part in the event and special poojas will be held at 16 temples in palace premises.

For first time, Mettiluthosava programme has been organised on October 12, where about 700 women from various bhajan mandalis climb the step of Chamundi Hill by chanting bhajans.

National-level Bhajan contest
National-level Bhajan contest will be held on October 15 at Kalamandira from 9.30 am onwards. Artistes from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, Goa and other State take part in the event. The first three winners will be awarded with cash prize of Rs 50,000; Rs 30,000 and Rs 20,000. For two teams consolation prizes will be provided which consists of Rs 10,000 cash prize.

'Anubhavada Aduge Madi' programme will be held on October 16, where women will render Shathakanta Gayana using kitchen equipments. The event will be held atop Chamundi Hill, during the formal inauguration of Dasara festival.

Shathakanta Gayana
108 women vocalists with uniform dress code will be rendering vocal recital on October 21 at Kalamandira. They will be provided opportunity to take part during Dasara inauguration programme and also at 'Suryaninda-Chandranedege' programme.  While on October 14, about 100 bhajan troupes from across district render programme at Kalamandira and various temples of city on August 18.

Line up

Food Mela
The Food Festival that attracts all the tourists and locals alike with the wide range of food on offer, will be held from October 16 to 22 at CADA office premises.

Flower Show
Dasara Flower Show will be held from October 16 to 25  at Curzon Park. Horticulture and Sugar Minister  S.A. Ravindranath to inaugurate the event on October 16 at 5 pm.

Yoga Kredothsava
Yoga Kredothsava programme will be held for Mahouts and their familyl memebrs on October 10 at 11 am at Palace premises. Minister SA Ramdas will inaugurate the event.

Online Quiz for Mysore Dasara
Mysore Palace Board is conducting Online Dasara Quiz on October 14. Online Registrations will be made available on the official Website of Mysore Palace on www.mysorepalace.gov.in till October 13.
Online Registration applicants will receive a User Id and Password on their email for the quiz competition which will be active for 45 minutes duration between 11 to 11.45 am on 14th October 2012. For terms and conditions visit website, according to a press release.


Get ready to watch thrilling Adventure Sports

Express News Service
Mysore, October 10

Don't miss a chance to experience the exciting and thrilling adventure sports during this year Dasara festivities from October 17 to 22.
Dirt track motor cycle rally, lifting of raw stone from Belgavi's, Jeep Line, River Crossing, Motor Cycle Rally, Treasure Hunt, Cycle Polo will be held to attract large number of youngsters.

'Kothirama' alias Jyothiraj, a wonder from Chitradurga, who is famous in wall, rock climbing will be climbing Brigade Horizons building, one of the tallest building situated near Bannur road, on October 19 at 1 pm. Followed by, villagers from Sathi Village of Athni Taluk in Belgavi will be lifting raw stone (oval shape), which weight about 100-200 kg at 2 pm.

Treasure Hunt, a game where large number of players search the hidden articles and dirt track motor cycle rally will be held on  October 20 at Lalitha Mahal Helipad at 11 am.

State-level Cycle race for men and women (650 candidates) will be held on October 22 from Hunsur Road to KR Nagar Circle (50 km).
Cycle Polo event will be held on October 21 and 22 at village Hostel Grounds from 9.30 am, where about 17 teams will be taking part.

* October 17 to 21 - Artificial wall climbing training programme at Chamundi Vihar Auditorium from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.
* October 18 to 22 - Jeep Line and River Crossing at Dr Raj Kumar Park, opposite to Palace from 10 am to 5 pm.
* October 20 – State-level Chamundi Hill climbing contest from 6.30 am.
* October 18 to 22 - Parasailing at Mandakalli Airport / Lalitha Mahal Helipad.
* October 17 to 22 – Water Adventures sports like jet-skiing, kayaking and banana ride at Varuna Lake from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.  

Mysore Dasara Adventure Sports Committee President Mahadev Nandish said that for first time many adventures games have been introduced.

City sprucing up for dasara celebrations

Mysore city is getting spruced-up for world famous Mysore Dasara.
As just hardly left five days for the inauguration of Dasara, its not only officials have taken up brisk work in city, whereas temples residences, shop owners, hotelse are also gearing-up for the event.

The shop owners in city surrounding will be illuminated their shops by colourful lights, and women in houses are making arrangement to display dolls. The women have planned various concepts this year, in such one Jayalakshmi resident of Agrahara, who is displaying dolls from past three decades has planned to depict cauvery issue, drought this year.

Special pujas will be held in all the city and palace temples during the nine day of Navarati. Specially at the Goddess temples, the goddess will be decorated with nine avataras during Navaratri.

Kalikamba Temple Pontiff Srinivas said that he has planned to decorate Goddess using betel leaf, bangles, roses, fruits, dry fruits and much more. Many of them are happy with the decision of District Administration to celebrate Dharmika Dasara from this year.

Hotels are planning to prepare special food during dasara to attract large number of people. Some of the hotel owners say launch of Food Mela has declined in number of visitors to hotels.

Line Up
* Cleaning work, patching work replacements of bulbs in place is going on full brisk at Palace premises.
* The works of Anne Gaddi have began at horticulture departments. Flower arrangement will be after three days.
* Pourakarmikas were seen removing dust particles in front of Balarama Gate (Kote Anjaneyaswamy Temple) by using machines on Wednesday.  


Now its health and hair care for Mahouts family members
Ayush doctors provide beauty tips and diet chat for mahouts family members

What influences more people is visual representations. In such to hold the attention of mahouts family members and make them to understand about various health aspects, they are being thought with power point presentation screening related photographers by Ayush doctors.

A team of three doctors are not only educating the mahouts family members about hygiene and properties of medicinal plants, where as they are been thought how to maintain good health, food diet, health care, hair care, eye care, how to maintain food diet and beauty and much more.

One of the Mahouts wife Gowri, says “earlier the doctors used to give oral awareness and we were not able to understand. Now, they are bringing laptop and are showing related picture to us, from which we to are following what they mean.”

“The beauty tips provided them are very simple and are available at home. What we need is to do some process with its. We enjoy the classes very much,” says Thulasi.

Doctor Veda says food grains, pulses names are addressed in entirely different way and the power point presentation has helped them lot to   understand better what we are saying.


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