Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Devotees make beeline to Siddalingapura

A sea of devotees made the beeline to Subramaneshwara Swamy Temple situated at Siddalingapura Village on Mysore-Bangalore highway, as part of Shashti.

The devotes had lined-up in front of temple from wee hours of the day, unbothered of the cold weather. The women, children including good number of men offered puja to Lord Subramaneshwara and poured milk, sprinkled turmeric, vermillion, flowers on the anthills and seeked blessings.

Using varieties of flowers, the temple premises was decorated and illuminated with multi-colour serial sets. Varieties of Abhisheka was performed to Lord Subramaneshwara, which was adorned with gold and silver jewels. In all, festival attire had gripped-up in the Village.
The traffic was diverted for the day and tight security was beefed up.

At Mysore
Special pujas were performed at Subramanya temples situated in Chamaraja Double Road, Vidyaranayapuram, Ittegegud, Vontikoppal, Sachchidananda Ashrama and several other places in Mysore.

People were seen offering prayers to anthills situated in various extensions, roadsides, vacant places.   

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