Tuesday, April 1, 2014

'Food problem increases at higher extent in country by 2020'

  Dr SB Dandin, Vice Chancellor, University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot said that food problem in country increases at higher extent by 2020. The produce has come down in country, due to which the Gross Domestic Produce (GDP) growth has come down to 2.9 per cent from 6.9 per cent.

He was speaking after the inauguration of Krushi Sammelan at Suttur Jatra here on Friday. Stating the farmers in China, Brazil are producing food grains two times more than India in the same hectares of the land, he stressed the need of adopting latest technologies in farming sector to increase the yield, majorly adoption of comprehensive farming activity.

“Under the programme 'Seer's walk towards Agricultural activity,' nurseries will be set up at Mutts and plans have been made to distribute saplings, seeds through mutts for households. This will not only increase the green cover, whereas the fruits sapling distributed helps to combat malnutrition,” he added.

Company for farmers
“Producer Companies will be set up at every village to improve bargaining strength in the market. The central government has amended the Indian Companies Act to provide for producer companies. The farmers will be given Rs 1 crore investment and Rs 34 lakh subsidy for a crop under the company. The farmers should get unite and make use of the facility,” he added.

Stressing the need of Agricultural Policy he said, crop planning and crop distributing has to be considered in major, along with publicising the use of solar, wind energy, to combat power problem and maintain cold storage.
“58 per cent of farmers are depended on 2.4 per cent of agricultural land for livelihood, of which 85 per cent are small farmers. Villagers are becoming centers for old age people. Youngsters are migrating towards urban areas. Shortage of labour is haunting farmers in villages,” he said.

He further asked farmers to grow food grains and adopt comprehensive farming activity, apart from growing only cash price. With misuse of land, water and other natural resources, the farmers are facing problem, along with climate change, and lack of fertile land.

Padmabhushan Dr M Mahadevappa opined that there is need of changing agriculture format in country.  

Popularise solar pumps
Former ministers Allam Veerabhadrappa asked officials to popularise use of solar pump sets in agriculture sector and asked government to give subsidy for the same to mange power crisis.
Stressing for the Agricultural Policy, he said there is no need of comparing India with other countries. Importance should be given for research activities and its implementation. Small cold storage rooms has to be constructed in markets, to helps small farmers in large number.
 'Drought has become curse for our country. For every three years, one year there will be drought. Conservation of water is very less. The researchers should modernise seeds, which give yield only for one rainfall,' he suggested.

'Need of quality food'
Agriculture University Research Director Dr MA Shankar stressed the need of quality food and constructions of pits to store water. We have to think of increasing yield using less water. Keeping Agriculture Policy and Crops Planning in view, long-medium-short term crops cultivation has to be planned. To over come labour shortage problem using  advanced  technologies machinery is needed.

'No need of agricultural policy'
Former Minister Leeladevi R Prasad said that already Agricultural Policy is there and there is no need of coming out with agricultural policy again. She asked the researchers to hold research on eradication of congress grass.
She suggested farmers not to follow neighbouring farmer nor market, and just to adopt comprehensive farming activity.

Karnataka Legislative Council Chairman DH Shankarmurthy said that Agriculture policy is needed and there is no need of comparing India with other countries. Youngsters in villagers are migrating to urban areas, attracted over the development. If provided in their villages, the migrations stops, he opined.

Former Minister Rani Satish highlighted the problems faced by woman and ill effects of drinking. 

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