Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Teach music, not syllabus, says Sarod Player PanditRajeev Taranath

 “Teach music, not syllabus. To learn music, the first thing a student has to be taught is to listen intently. At the end of five years, when he completes the course, he should be an expert in music,” said renowned Sarod Player Pandit Rajeev Taranath.

One on one teaching in music is very important, and there is need of changing teaching method. There is no use of internal test, assessment in music. Asking a music students to write the history of an musicians during exam is waste of time,” he said, speaking after the inauguration of birth centenary celebrations of Dr Gangubai Hanagal in city on Wednesday.

Stating the flow of musical fervour is distinctly lacking, he said universities should become Music Center and there is need of library, maintaining archives and hosting music fests at least thrice in a year.
Artistes should be invited from across country to the fests, so that it helps budding musicians to interact with them and reach high extent in society, he suggested.

Music degree is not like other degrees. Every performance is equal to facing a exam. If you think anyone can frame the syllabus for the music course by sitting at University's office, then it is foolishness. Without the ability to conduct performances, there is no point in merely talking depressively,” he opined.

By only mugging up syllabus, the upcoming musicians will be good at covering portions and getting marks, but not in music. One can reach high by dedication, hard work and sincere practice. Gangubai Hangal learnt music and obtained doctorate from several universities, as she was devoted to music”, he added. 

I worked as Chief for Indian Classic Music Section at California University. The course duration was for five years. In the first one and half year the students were thought music. From the second year music programmes were organised. By the completion of five years, renowned musicians were invited has guests and the students used to give a public performance. During this time, the student would have obtained excellence in their respective field,” he said, suggested VC Siddegwoda to implement the same if possible.

Rare photography of Gangubai Hangal exhibited
Rare photographs of Gangubai Hangal was exhibited at the venue, to mark the birth centenary celebrations of Dr Gangubai Hangal. The photos were exhibited in three categories, of which Gangubai Hanagal receiving awards, politicians felicitating her, and renowned musicians seeking blessings of her.

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