Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wildlife, artworks come alive on fruits and vegetables

It was a visual feast at curzon part on Wednesday, when the participants of fruit and vegetable carving competition displayed their delicate works at the venue. Using razor blade, they were seen etching various floral design on the rind of melons and pumpklins.

Apart from women, good number of male and children too created beautiful artworks using Vegetable and fruits. The children brought wildlife alive using varieties of vegetables. They had created crocodile using Bitter Gourd, fishes using bottle guard; snakes using Ridge Gourd, Tortoise, coastal attire, Ganesh on Musk Melon, Peacock out of papaya, vegetable vases and much more.

Santosh, 6th standards student of DAV Public School who is taking part in contest said for second time said he has tried only few vegetables, and has the desire to learn carving on lot of fruits, which he has not tried.

Prema Rao, who is taking part from last three had created flowers like lilies, roses using using onion, betroot, caroot, orange. While, Nagaraj a created Lion, Ganesha, Sunflower on the rind of watermelon and drew the attention of on-lookers.

Couple Yogamba and Rajendra Kumar are contesting together from last ten years at the flower show. Being a employee of KSRTC, Rajendra has developed keen interest in vegetables carving. He was seen carving Buddha using watermelon as medium. He has won several prizes in flower rangoli competition, fruit and vegetable carving.

While his wife Yogamba, who is part of flower show for more than two decades said that she feels happy to take part in competitions. Interestingly she stands one among top four every year.    

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